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How Not To Sell a House

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Dan Iampieri

Dan Iampieri

By Dan Iampieri

10.) Price it higher than what your agent recommends.

9.) Make your home unavailable for showings.

8.) Sell it yourself.

7.) Display family pictures and religious items (Also, consider leaving delinquent IRS statements on coffee table).

6.) Leave your barking dog in a crate in the kitchen.

5.) Leave the toilet seats up.

4.) Smoke in the house (especially before the “Open House”).

3.) Stay for the “Open House” (after all, you can show it better than your agent).

2.) Stop paying your utility bill.

And the number one way not to sell a house….

1.)    Don’t call me at 443-540-0018 and don’t visit me on the Web at www.YourMoveEasy.com

Dan Iampieri is a REALTOR® with WEICHERT, REALTORS® – Caton Properties in Ellicott City, Md.  Social network with Dan at www.TheHouseMan.tv.

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  2. I suppose you are referring to reason #1. I added that at the very last second. It’s a satirical poke at self-promotion because every agent in town says to call them because they are the best. If it inadvertently looks like advertising, oh well!

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