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Market Does Not Matter

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Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams

By Jeremy Williams

I encourage you today to fit in your schedule a time to drive to a parking lot of one of the most trafficked places in your community.  Park your car.  Turn off your cell phone.  Clear your mind from your daily activities.  This is an activity where the requirements are simple.  Open your eyes and watch. What do you see?  You see people from all walks of life, a “portfolio” of career types, and all dealing with different life situations.

What does it mean to you?  Everyone of these persons could be a potential client.  If they are not a potential client, then what are they to you?  These people could be prospects, referral sources, and maybe even a future friend.  You never know how life works.  The key is to realize the potential and to keep an open mind.

So how does this correlate with the title of this post, “Market Does Not Matter?”  In up or down markets, there will always be people needing the services of a REALTOR®.  Realizing the potential in the market is key to your success as a REALTOR®.  Look at all the people moving in and out of your market area.  Go meet them in the places they congregate.  You always here, “Everyone knows someone.”  Why can’t this person be you?  Realize that millions of potential dollars pass by you each day as a REALTOR® whether the real estate market is considered “good” or “bad” in your area.  You just have to find your unfair share.

So again, I challenge you when you think the real estate market is tough, go through the exercise I mentioned above.  Your potential is only set by the ceiling your create.  Look at all the people that pass by you each day as either a direct piece of business or a referral source.  Now the real estate market in the new perspective seems great all the time whether “up” or “down.”

Jeremy Williams of Keller Williams Realty NE in Kingwood, Texas specializes in the residential real estate market of Kingwood, Atascocita, and Humble, Texas.  Visit his Web site at www.williams4yourhome.com.

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