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‘I Don’t Pay You to Think.’

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Jason O’Neil

By Jason O’Neil

I blame FedEx, but there are many culprits contributing to the new mentality of instant access. Instant access has become normal. Companies and individuals provide instant access for a few simple reasons: 1.) They can; 2.) If they don’t, someone else will; 3.) Customers demand it.

So where does that leave us?

There’s an old cartoon of a man sitting at his desk and his presumed boss pokes his head in and hollers: “What are you doing?” To which the man replies, “Thinking.” Boss, “Well, I don’t pay you to think.” Our guy reveals a dumbfounded look.

But thinking takes time and can’t be achieved instantly, and frankly, I don’t want it to be. When I hire a professional for any job, I want them to truly take their time and craft the right solution, not just the fastest solution. When the tables are turned and I am hired as the professional, I want to take my time and truly craft a One Size Fits You solution; a solution that my clients know is tailored to what they’ve hired me for. But this is a delicate balancing act because, as I mentioned, thinking takes time.

I think the most important thing is to remind ourselves that we need time to reflect and to think, to be away from any screen, even if only during lunch or a couple of hours in the morning. It’s these hours or days that keep us sharp, that keep us on our toes, that allow us to think.

Next time someone calls/e-mails/texts you with a problem, don’t feel compelled to spit out an answer. Let them know you’ll “think about the solution” and call them back. They and you will genuinely appreciate it.

Jason O’Neil is an associate broker with Encore Sotheby’s International Realty in Indianapolis. Connect with him at jasononeilrealtor.com.

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  1. So True!! A search engine can provide the data needed within moments. The human mind must access decades of knowledge and experience, sort, analyze and reconcile the information best suited to resolve our client’s and customer’s problems. We must then present the information and solution in terms meeting their needs, desires and wants. Anyone can provide the ‘scientific’ data; only a professional can present the ‘artful’ solution.

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