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Is Instruction Part of Your 2010 Business Plan?

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Nobu Hata

Nobu Hata

By Nobu Hata

Let’s face it, when it comes to sharing our expertise on forums such as the YPN Lounge, Twitter, even Facebook, we sure spend a lot of time preaching to the choir.  Social Media how-to’s, blogging tips, Twitter in your marketing plan…

The fact is, the majority of us have already figured out how to implement new media tools into our real estate model.  We recognize that in this overly-transparent, borderline-creepy, uber-connected world we live in, being JUST THAT is paramount in our business.  Because of this, we’re arguably more in tune with a fickle consumer demographic and relate better to the first-time buyer who’s now making up the majority of transactions nationwide. We know that doing so requires us to take aim on a constantly moving, consistently changing target.

The time has come to take the insight we have gleaned and the practices we have developed and open it up to the “old guard,” for lack of a better term.  You know who I’m talking about.  All of us have a group of agents in their office whose eyes glaze over at the mere mention of Facebook.  Who think blogging is a monumental time-suck.  Who remember when “MLS came in the form of a binder full of paper!”  Who all think we’ve got it pretty easy.  We know this isn’t the case.

Truth of the matter is, these barriers are totally self-induced because of technological intimidation and/or perception that these “time-sucks” have no value.  Sitting in multiple classes at NAR09 and watching these folks stream out by the boatload really made this hit home for me.  It’s less about age, and more about mindset… and the beauty of mindset is that it can be changed.

Whether it’s at the local office, brokerage, association or national-level, every little bit of instruction helps!  Volunteer your time developing and teaching CE classes.  Recruit converts to local REBarCamps.  Share what you’ve learned at RealtorCon, InmanConnect, et al at Sales Meetings.  Turn your Twitter feed into an all access journal and show them how to use it.  Reaffirm that what we’re doing is no different than what they’ve been doing for generations, it’s just that the mechanisms have changed.  And most importantly, be open to their opinions and feedback!  Yes us YPN-Gen REALTORS have a lot to share, but we just might learn something along the way.

We sometimes forget that it’s these very agents who have persevered through multiple economic downturns, have seen the  industry change at a lightning pace recently, and who are actively shaping our industry.  It’s our obligation to give them insight into our practices, to learn something from each other, and together shape the industry we will be inheriting.

Nobu Hata is a sales associate for Edina Realty in Minneapolis,  and a founding member of the Minneapolis YPN group, the YoPros.  Visit his Web site at www.nobuhata.com.

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