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Social Media: The Real Goal!

Drew Burks Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 1 Comment

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Drew Burks

Drew Burks

By Drew Burks

I’ve heard it said that …

… “Life is all about who you know.”

But, I believe there is something even more important.

Who Knows You?

That’s right… who knows you is far more important than who you know.  This may be one of the most valuable benefits of social media and quite possibly the one area that most people are missing.  Social media is your opportunity to build and expand your brand awareness, but you don’t do this by friending just anyone that will accept your friend request.

Social Media isn’t a competition, there is no award given out to the one with the most friends and fans.

Too many people focus on the wrong things like, adding friends/fans and relentlessly broadcasting their message down the consumer’s throat.

If you are doing a good job being you, being authentic and being relevant, people will want to add you as a friend to expand their network!  In other words, they will want to know you!  Brooke did a great job with her recent post “Being Business Effective via Social Networking” when she explained the need to:

  • Make yourself worth following
  • Respond to your friends, fans, and followers
  • Give to receive

Who Knows You?

Let’s think about this for a moment.  We all love getting referrals and who gives us referrals?  That’s right, people who know us give us referrals.

Here is a good article about using social media effectively to manage your online reputation.  Social media can help you increase the number of people who know you.  The more people who know you the greater your business will be.

Spend your time being relevant, adding value to others, leaving people and situations better than they were when you met them — and people will know you.

Drew Burks has built a brokerage in San Diego, Dream Design Realty, with a unique twist on an old business model. His Web site is devoted to helping real estate pros succeed with technology: www.WebRealEstateTools.com.

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