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Is It Time to Build a Real Estate Team?

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Matt Clements

By Matt Clements

Building a team, in my opinion, is a must.

Think about it: Your clients expect it. In order to be a top agent today, it’s critical for your clients to know that you have power, reach, and resources behind you. You need a buyer’s agent, maybe even two or three.

This power will always be looked at as valuable. It will help you be seen as “THE” listing agent. Plus, this business model will help you focus on listings as your primary source of business, then you can refer out buyer clients to your buyer’s agent(s) and keep the ones you really want to serve.

This also makes you the “rainmaker,” which means you are making it rain leads and you become responsible for working your team’s program every single morning (like my Clements Group’s 5-4-3-2-1) and doing outreach for the entire team. Since your job is to create leads and referrals, you will receive a percentage of the commission when you hand off the clients to your team members. Make sure you qualify every client completely and offer to hold a meeting between yourself, your clients, and the agent to make sure it’s a good fit for them.

Soon you will find your time magically freeing up, allowing you to focus on listings, family, and other commitments such as leadership positions with your local association. You’ll also have more time to pursue your passions—for me that’s surfing.

Three businesswomen meeting at a coffee shop.

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A great team leader you’ll want to set a weekly meeting with your agents and go over the market, the team’s current clients, and everyone’s current escrows. Talk about what to expect during the next week and next quarter in your marketplace. It’s also great time for your team members to check in with you in case there are any fires that need to be to put out concerning clients or escrow accounts. Take extra time during this meeting to teach your agents something of value.

It’s also helpful to start thinking of your service providers as part of your team, including your go-to title and escrow companies, home warranty professionals, pool maintenance people, flooring specialists, housekeepers, stagers, professional photographers, videographers, drywall experts, electricians, plumbers, etc. If you have these resources readily available, then you have your entire army behind you ready for battle.

Most sellers today are going to gravitate towards the team model because clients understand that there’s more than just the service of selling a home.

That’s why building a team is critical common denominator in your rise to becoming a successful top producing real estate professional.

Matt Clements, CEO of the Clements Group at Harcorts Prime Properties in Monarch Beach, Calif., is the author of the YPN Playbook and was chair of the California Association of REALTORS® in 2016 when the group won the YPN State Network of the Year. Matt is on the board of director for C.A.R. and NAR, and sits on NAR’s YPN advisory board. He is also the 2018 president-elect for the Orange County Association of REALTORS®. Connect with Matt at

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  2. Thanks Matt Clements for helpful share! real estate team is always better than a realtor. Real estate teams often have a production-line type of mindset. One person does one task over and over. That means each individual is a specialist, and they are often hired because of their skills, experience and talents in their specialty.

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