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Is It Time to Build a Real Estate Team?

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By Matt Clements Building a team, in my opinion, is a must. Think about it: Your clients expect it. In order to be a top agent today, it’s critical for your clients to know that you have power, reach, and resources behind you. You need a buyer’s agent, maybe even two or three. This power will always be looked at …

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Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty? No…it’s Neither!

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By Dave Robison The crowd cheers, “Half-full, half-full!”  Buzzer rings…nope, the answer is neither. Why are so many people saying the glass is half-full? There are people saying half-empty as well.  Those Debbie Downers (the half-empty glass people) might say something like this: “Ohhhh, the market, it’s awful. It’s killed our business.”  Those saying their glass is half-full might say something like …