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Is the “Discovering Commercial Real Estate” Course for Me?

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By Julie Cain Cwynar

ypn_cwynar_julie_cainHave you ever asked yourself if commercial real estate may be for you? Not sure where to start or where to go for answers? The Discovering Commercial Real Estate” course is an excellent place to begin! After taking the course, I feel as though I’ve just had an in-depth conversation with an experienced commercial broker who has described what I need to do to begin in the commercial arena.

Below are a number of interesting points I have taken from the course:

  • Commercial real estate requires a long-term, singularly-focused commitment. Practicing both residential and commercial real estate will only lengthen the process of achieving success in the commercial arena.

  • Not much structured training is available; therefore, a mentor will be important in your career.
  • The commercial real estate culture revolves around traditional working hours, whereas residential work often involves a more flexible schedule.
  • Commercial real estate practitioners are often very analytical and quantitative.
  • There are significant differences between the types of commercial firms, and the benefits and challenges of working with each type of firm.
  • Due to the complexity of the industry, there is a need to specialize in commercial real estate.
  • The field of Professional Real Estate Management is growing rapidly.
  • Working towards a commercial designation is a great way to begin your career in the commercial sector.

In addition to providing a thorough overview of the industry and the four types of commercial properties, the course also introduces key terms and important industry Web sites. Overall, the course is a wonderful tool to help you determine if commercial real estate is an area you would like to pursue.

Julie Cain Cwynar, with Keller Williams Real Estate Professionals and The Karen Marshall Group, began her career in residential real estate after spending 10 years managing technology projects for Fortune 500 clients.

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  2. Would like more info on discovering commercial real estate and any classes that would be beneficial for commercial education. Thanks

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