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Live From San Diego: Top Three Things To Do If You’re Not From California

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Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland

By Brian Copeland, 2009 NAR Conference Blogger

Coming from one of the “land locked” states, Tennessee, I sometimes forget the perks of coming to a place like San Diego.  As the sun rose over the bay outside my hotel this morning (a rarely seen site for me since I’m a late sleeper and this time change is killing me), I reminded myself of the opportunities I need to take-in while I’m here.



1. Architecture: Walking from the Holiday Inn to the Westin this morning, I had to take pause at the the Spanish influenced buildings that seem to just pop up.  On your walk from session to session, hotel to hotel or cocktails to dinner, don’t forget to look around and check out San Diego’s amazing architecture.

2. Public Transportation: As a REALTOR, I also see myself as a city/county advisor. Oftentimes, I find myself called by a media outlet or a public official to ask my opinion on something. Take this opportunity to sample San Diego’s public transportation (rail and bus) to articulate the pros and cons when you are called on for input in your city. I’m amazed at the convenience to get from downtown to the staple Fashion Valley Mall (home of the Apple Store). The bus makes it super easy to get to from the airport to any hotel near NAR for approximately $2.00. Any city like Nashville, Louisville, Charlotte or Kansas City can take cues from a city with a strong mass transit.

M33. Eat Seafood: The lobster and steak I had last night on the bay would have cost me EASILY $50+ back home in Nashville. Accessible oceans don’t rise every day outside my town! $24 later, I’m full…uh…really full of yumminess from the sea. When you’re tempted to order your normal chicken and salad, don’t forget you can actually afford fresh seafood here.


As we “Chart A Winning Course” over the next few days together, I thought the site outside my hotel window was a great way to symbolize the time, the huge cruise ship.  While we’re technically not on vacation, you still have the chance to live it up like you’re on a cruise and learn from those you normally don’t see.  I can’t wait!

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  2. I always recommend that visitors get out on the water….take a water taxi or the ferry over to Coronado Island. Go kayaking through the caves in La Jolla, take a dinner cruise on the bay, rent a jet ski, take a romantic gondola ride, or go whale watching.

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