Turn Objections into Sales Opportunities

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By Lee Davenport No. I’m not interested. Some other time. You don’t have to call me, I’ll call you. If you’re “single and ready to mingle” this Valentine’s Day, you may know these are words of rejection. No means no in dating, PERIOD. But in the world of residential real estate—where everyone needs a place to live—these words can be used …

Don’t LOOK for Opportunity in 2015

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If you spend your days looking for opportunity, in essence you are telling yourself opportunity is elusive and you have to seek it out. That is far from the truth. By believing that everything happens for a reason, and by being present in the moment, we will begin to see that opportunity surrounds us.

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Live From San Diego: Top Three Things To Do If You’re Not From California

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  By Brian Copeland, 2009 NAR Conference Blogger Coming from one of the “land locked” states, Tennessee, I sometimes forget the perks of coming to a place like San Diego.  As the sun rose over the bay outside my hotel this morning (a rarely seen site for me since I’m a late sleeper and this time change is killing me), …