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Minding the Gap

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Jason O’Neil

By Jason O’Neil

One of the places where I have focused my business is on referrals and past clients. This isn’t unique. But the way I look at it is unique, and it has to do with what I call “The Gap.”

Here’s what I mean: According to NAR, in 2011, 69 percent of all sellers said that they definitely would use their agent again, yet in that same year only 22 percent of all sellers had previously worked with their listing agent.

Knowing that the average person moves every four-to-eight years, and moves 18 miles …what happened? Why would so many agents end the relationship brilliantly (presumably with a sale) yet fail to get the listing later on? I think there are only two real reasons for this: the agents goes out of business or the agent fails to talk to their clients.

Strategies for Minding the Gap:

  • Have and use a database
  • Develop a client touch program
  • Minimum two touches per year
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries (Home sale anniversary)
  • Holidays
  • Daylight Savings time
  • Monthly Touch Program
  • Monthly Mailings involving quotes and/or give-aways
  • Vendor Partner Programs

The key is to be mindful of “The Gap” and develop strategies to avoid it. What are you doing in your business to Mind the Gap?

Jason O’Neil is a broker-owner of McKenzie Real Estate in Indianapolis. Visit his site: www.McKenzieListings.com

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  1. Great article Jason! These are the same stats we are focued on when presenting. In taking it a step further, the #1 reason for choosing an agent is trustworthiness and reputation and that can best passed on by word of mouth.

    Again thanks for keeping the awareness of the #1 source of lead generation….REFERRALS!

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