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Networking to Benefit Your Life

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Brooke Wolford

Brooke Wolford

By Brooke Wolford

So, I have to be honest.   I really didn’t get the gist of networking off the bat.   I attended a couple of networking events, tweeted with some folks and simply tried to keep up.  At first, it was a little much for me.   I understood that maybe, if I exchanged a conversation and a business card, someone may end up using my services or asking me for advice.

The simple thing of exchanging information is not what it’s all about.   It’s more about sharing, learning, and support.  The dots finally connected with me recently when my business and some of my personal dreams began to sync together.

I realized how I got here.   It was because of the support of people I networked with and the support I have given to them.  I have huge aspirations of being a superstar agent but also being a resource for agents in my blog and my community.

My blog , on which I write my experiences as an agent, has hit home with people. I’m honest and willing to share it all.   I have been getting a lot of comments about it and I think the people that read it, appreciate it.

Some of the people I have networked with have supported me professionally.   Just to name a few…

Nobu Hata – I think you all probably know him.   He continues to help agents grow through YPN and his chapter of YPN, the Minneapolis YoPros.

Jason Sandquist – Real estate client advisor for Adam Commercial.  I came across him from a recommendation on Twitter.   He shares a wealth of information on his tweets.  He also hilarious and is not afraid to share an opinion.  He recently asked me to contribute to his Web site The Vanilla Shell,which is devoted to real estate news and information.

Teresa Boardman– Broker with Saint Paul Home Realty.  She is one of the pioneers in real estate blogging in the Twin Cities.  Her blog is one of the best I have read.  She is something to aspire to.

People with strong networks get more things done more effectively; they learn from others with different knowledge or experience; and they are able to use their network as they seek to move on in their careers.

The good news is that networking doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be an enjoyable and rewarding part of your professional development. You’re probably already part of more networks than you realize. It’s a matter of recognizing the mutual benefits and building from there.

Brooke Wolford is a real estate practitioner with Edina Realty, Hastings, Minn.  Follow her blog at adventuresinrookierealestate.blogspot.com.

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