New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Weeks or 365 Days?

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Rebecca Donatelli

Rebecca Donatelli

By Rebecca Donatelli

Every year we all sit down and make a list of New Year’s resolutions that we swear we are going to stick by for the entire year. They usually look something like this:

1. Start keto diet
2. Go to gym four days a week
3. Lose 30 pounds
4. Double sales volume
5. Save money
6. Spend more time with family

While motivation seems to be highest after a holiday filled with mashed potatoes, eggnog, gingerbread, and expensive gifts, resolutions tend to get lost or even forgotten as weeks go by and other things become more of a priority. According to FranklinCovey, 35 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions break them by the end of January, and only 23 percent will actually complete a resolution. Sad, right?

As real estate professionals in markets that are consistently inconsistent and increasingly competitive, stress can attach itself to this career and make it easy to lose focus on those once promised resolutions. No matter what  resolutions you’ve vowed—real estate related or not—these four tips will help you achieve your goals.

@JHertle, 2018.

Create a Plan of Attack

Once you have a resolution, you need a plan to achieve it. Specifically listing the steps you are going to take to reach your goals is crucial in becoming one of the 23 percent who complete their resolutions. Saying that you want to “double sales volume” means nothing unless you have listed specific ways to generate leads, meet new people, create referrals, target your marketing, and more. Take a look at your 2018 business and analyze where your sales came from, what times of year you were busiest, and how you spent your time. This will help you determine what worked and what you can change or add in order to double those numbers.

Track Progress

Tracking your progress on each resolution is necessary in determining whether you’re on track to achieve your goals, and what you may need to change to get there. If you are trying to double your sales volume, track each sale in an Excel spreadsheet, and be specific on where the business came from, the sales price, location, etc. If you are trying to shed a few pounds, track important details such as start weight, diet/food intake, calories, hours exercising, etc. Monitoring your progress will help increase the probability of keeping your resolution.

Ask for Support

The point of setting New Year’s resolutions to is hit certain goals that are desirable but require work. Don’t be afraid to ask for support in trying to achieve those goals. Try reaching out to your broker for tips on landing more FSBO listings, or a personal trainer for help reaching your goal weight. People tend to think asking for help is a weakness, however, if you are serious about completing your resolutions, it’s almost necessary. Should you hit a road block in working towards your goals, seek friends, family, and colleagues for advice on getting back on track or words of wisdom to lift your spirits.

Treat Yourself

As important as it is to continue working towards your goals, it’s equally as important to treat yourself when you hit certain milestones in getting closer to the ultimate goal. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, small purchase, or scoop of ice cream, take a break and treat yourself, you deserve it!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and successful New Year!

Rebecca Donatelli, ABR, SRS, is a top producer at McDowell Homes Real Estate Services in Cleveland who has built a large online presence through social media, specifically Instagram. Follow her @rebeccadonatelli.REALTOR.

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