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No Shoes to Fill Except Our Own

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By Kelly Reark

Kelly Reark

Kelly Reark

According to NAR’s Home Buyer and Seller Survey, the median age for REALTORS® is 54, while the median age for first-time home buyers is 30.  The median age for a repeat buyer was only 47.

The “average” real estate professional is likely not as keen on technology and gadgetry as we are.  Nor do they adjust to it as easily as we do.  They cannot give younger buyers what they want the way that we can.  With this kind of generation gap for all those buyers, we have some serious work to do!

Many of us YPN members can identify with those in the “first-time buyer” crowd.  Socially, we interact with our peer group, use hand-held technology, “speak the language,” and identify with what our friends expect.  So why not bring all of that into a useful aspect of our professional career?

There are so many ways to network.  If you are going to socials and having one-too-many adult beverages, you are missing the point.

Interaction with peers is a form of networking, and your friends are a big part of your circle of influence.  What better way to promote yourself than to show your non-agent friends what you do?

Ask a friend to tag along while you take photos of a property or prepare for an open house.  They will experience what you do and it will leave a lasting impression that they can get excited about – more so than just reminding them of what you do.  In many instances, they will even promote you and the listing they’ve seen to their other friends!  Did you know that 38 percent of sellers and 43 percent of buyers found their agent as a result of a referral?   You do now, so go tweet about it.

The technology we use every day has huge benefits we should be tapping into.  The younger generations don’t just use it, they practically depend on it.  I am not the first to suggest the importance of social media.  Not everyone gets their e-mails on their Blackberry like I do, but most can receive text messages.  Ask your customers if texting is a tool you can use to alert them to a new listing you just sent via e-mail.  You’ll be surprised what you can do if you just ask.

Our peer group is ready to dive into the market, and they will be looking to us for guidance, support, and responsiveness to the way they think and how they gather information. Let’s be there for them. See you online.

Kelly Reark is a native Floridian and e-PRO REALTOR® with Gasparilla Properties, Inc. in Boca Grande, Southwest Florida. Visit her Web site: www.MyBocaGrandeAgent.com and her blog: KellyReark.blogspot.com.

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  2. Kelly this is a really encouraging blog post. You’re absolutely right that as “younger” professionals we have an advantage that we can promote to potential clients. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

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