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Picking Up the Pieces

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Brittney A. Bissett

By Brittney A. Bissett

As REALTORS®, we are discouraged from discussing the quality of a school system when helping buyers find a home. Unfortunately for REALTORS® in Northeast Ohio this week, that discussion will be a rough one to handle. I work in an office that is located 15 minutes away from Chardon High School. Chardon is part of the area my office covers and I have been through the area extensively. I drive past the exit from Interstate 90 to State Route 44 that runs right through the heart of Chardon every time I drive to my office. I grew up in this area and my school was in the same athletic conference as Chardon.

I haven’t had a client ask me yet about Chardon and what the school system is like, I would have to be honest and say not only is Chardon an amazing school system but an amazing community as well. From the children, to the parents, administrators, and the officials involved, everyone has been a class-act, supportive, and professional considering the circumstances. It is a sad fact that this tragedy, that no one has really had any clear explanation for yet, will be a black mark on the community for years to come. However, I will say this. If you looked around on Tuesday in the surrounding communities, there were so many people who wore Chardon’s school color red to show their love and support for their neighbors. Even in the midst of tragedy, the community rallied.

I can imagine that real estate in Chardon will be stigmatized for a while, but in all honesty I hope not. In my opinion the local area has sold itself in demonstrating its pride and how close knit the people really are. I am proud to say that I live and work with these people and I know this community will pick up the pieces and continue to be a great place to live.

R.I.P. to those who lost their lives. We love you Chardon Hilltoppers! One Heartbeat 2/27/12

Brittney Bissett is a REALTOR® with Howard Hanna in Mentor, Ohio. Learn more about Brittney at www.howardhanna.com or connect with her on Twitter @brittneybissett.

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