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Real Estate Agent 1.0 vs. Real Estate Agent 2.0

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Dan Iampieri

Dan Iampieri

By Dan Iampieri

Real Estate Agent 1.0 takes any listing at any price and then spends their time working on a price reduction.

Real Estate Agent 2.0 prices listings at market value, only take saleable listing and always tell sellers the truth about price.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 has no marketing plan. Unless, it is a plan to put a sign in the yard and hope the local MLS sells the home?

Real Estate Agent 2.0 is all about action and is proactive. They follow a written marketing plan that emphasizes Internet exposure.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 charges whatever commission they can get.

Real Estate Agent 2.0 has a no-hassle menu of marketing options so sellers can choose the plan that fits their needs.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 still takes pictures of their listings themselves, and puts no more than a few low-quality photos on the Internet.

Real Estate Agent 2.0 uses the services of a professional photographer and has high-resolution photographs and gets a virtual tour.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 thinks open houses are a “waste of time.”

Real Estate Agent 2.0 is properly trained at conducting open houses and promotes them with lots of marketing, signs, and balloons.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 thinks the Internet is a “fad.”

Real Estate Agent 2.0 utilizes an Internet marketing strategy and engages actively in online social networking.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 constantly has empty flier boxes.

Real Estate Agent 2.0 has information available by text-message so the “drive-by” prospects can get photographs and highlights sent to their cell phone.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 returns phone calls when they “get to it,” often 24-72 hours after initial contact or Web inquiry.

Real Estate Agent 2.0 carries a smart phone everywhere they go, and returns phone calls and e-mails within minutes.

Real Estate Agent 1.0 blames it on “the market.”

Real Estate Agent 2.0 sells homes with MARKETING!

Real Estate Agent 1.0 jumps from company to company looking for the best deal for themselves.

Real Estate Agent 2.0 is stable and focuses on offering the best value to their customers.

Dan Iampieri is a REALTOR® with WEICHERT, REALTORS® – Caton Properties in Ellicott City, Md.  Social network with Dan at www.TheHouseMan.tv.

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Comments 5

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  2. Nice write up to see remind Realtors if they are on track.

    I guess I am 2.0 on everything but the Open Houses.

    Also the professional photos are awesome unless you are selling a small apartment with a tenant that leaves a lot of clutter. Then the large professional photos don’t add as much value.

  3. This is a very interesting post you can almost use this to make the distinction between a Licensee (Real Estate Agent 1.0) and a Realtor (2.0)….

    It’s also good to remember, more so in these times, that you always want to pre-qualify the clients. Listings that sit overpriced, just sell the other homes in the area. What good is having that marketing once people think you don’t know what you’re doing…

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