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Building Confidence as a New Agent

Khalid N. Bryan Establishing Your Business Leave a Comment

By: Khalid N. Bryan Real Estate Sales can be one of the most challenging yet most rewarding careers out there. Passing the state exam is hard enough but once you’re in the career it’s like, “WELL NOW WHAT?!” Granted you can choose a brokerage and hope you get a strong head start, but mostly, we’re independent contractors and in charge …

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Real Estate Agent 1.0 vs. Real Estate Agent 2.0

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By Dan Iampieri Real Estate Agent 1.0 takes any listing at any price and then spends their time working on a price reduction. Real Estate Agent 2.0 prices listings at market value, only take saleable listing and always tell sellers the truth about price. Real Estate Agent 1.0 has no marketing plan. Unless, it is a plan to put a …