The 5 Must-Read YPN Lounge Posts of 2018

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Blog posts packed with actionable, business-boosting tips and recommendations for real estate professionals were the most well-read of the year. New and returning contributing bloggers provided content for the YPN Lounge that received roughly 112,000 total page views in 2018.  With readers seeking peer-to-peer blog articles for advice and best practices, here are the top five YPN Lounge posts of the year.

1. Enough is Enough: Time to Debunk 4 Myths About Real Estate Agents

Many people have a skewed perception of what real estate professionals do and their worth. YPN Lounge contributor Rebecca Donatelli squashes those common misconceptions about agents, especially for those who are considering a career in real estate.

2. Dominating Social Media for Your Real Estate Business

In another blog post by Donatelli, she writes about ensuring that your social media presence reflects your brand, being consistent, and the increasing importance of engagement. Learn more tips for boosting your social media game from a YPNer who’s killing it on Instagram.

3. The Ultimate List of Book Recommendations for Agents

If you’re a book nerd like YPN Lounge blogger and Minneapolis-based agent Brandon Doyle, you’ll love perusing the titles he’s chosen for this list. Even if you’re not an avid reader but you’re looking for a book to help you step up your real estate game in 2019, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for here.

4. Becoming an Influencer in Your Real Estate Market

“Becoming an influencer in your market means having a voice, and having that voice comes from being actively involved in the industry,” writes Donatelli, our most well-read writer of the year, in her November 2018 post. Learn more from her four tips for growing your real estate brand online and off.

5. 3 Ways You’re Failing at Customer Service (And What to Do About It)

You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not staying in touch with your clients after the sale. Customer service doesn’t end at the closing table, says YPN Lounge blogger Dale Swanton. Follow these tips for being of value to past clients.

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