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The Three Ps of Real Estate

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Jason O'Neil

By Jason O’Neil

I was going through our listing system the other day and became amazed at the amount of things we do to list a home. The list seems to get longer and more comprehensive as the years pass. One of these days, I may consolidate it and eliminate things, but for now it works and works well.

This exercise got me thinking of a key differentiator I discuss in my marketing consultations with sellers. I effectively let them know that I do not subscribe to “The Three Ps of Real Estate” — they get a quizzical look on their face, and I say, “You know: ‘Put out a sign, Put it into the MLS, and Pray.’”

A quick laugh or chuckle ensues, a little ice may be broken, and I begin to go through the laborious detail taken to list and effectively market their home. The discussion continuous and we begin to build rapport and see if we are a good fit for one and other.

My point for writing this is not to say that the specifics of what I do when listing a home is dramatically different than my competition. Different, yes; more than dramatically different, hard to say. One thing I do differently is communicate exactly what I am going to do, step-by-step, to get their home to market. Then I communicate when I am doing those steps, when they are complete, and I constantly communicate the results.

I had a professor in grad school once tell our class, “If you’re going to do something great, you had better let someone know. Otherwise, you’ll live in your boss’s (read client’s) mind along with those that did nothing great.” This is so important in our business, we do so much when representing our clients and their interests but we forget to communicate or progress and our results.

If you fail to communicate on an ongoing basis what you’ve recently done to perpetuate the sale of a client’s home, you’ll live in their mind as subscribing to The Three Ps of Real Estate.

Jason O’Neil is an associate broker with Encore Sotheby’s International Realty in Indianapolis. Connect with him at jasononeilrealtor.com.

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Comments 5

  1. I love this! The fact that many agents DO subscribe to the three P’s is what’s helping me break into the Evansville market. My clients will NEVER say that they haven’t heard from me.

  2. Communication is king! It amusing at all the techy trends that are stressed as a current or future necessity, however NAR Home Buyer/Seller reports reveal sellers only 3% of sellers are interested in an agents technology skills. Trustworthiness stills ranks #1 among all clients and nothing builds trust like communication! Regular communication with your clients is the most relative service any agent can provide and really get them speeding word. I truly believe that this is the basis of the 80/20 rule and most agents have good intentions.
    We just competed, as agents describe as the simplest, most agent friendly web based application that focuses on communication. We provide agents an automated road map for personal communication targeting 3 primary groups of people in an agents business plus a first of it’s kind corporate tool that walks all agents through proper follow up and provides agetns their #1 asset.
    Thanks for sharing Jason and confirming our 2 year investment and development as well as most agents that struggle getting intentions into action!

  3. Thanks all! Missy, I assume you’re in Evansville, IN, good luck and hopefully I can send some referrals your way!

    Tommy, it sounds like you are on the right track, congratulations! This is a time of unprecedented consequence for agents. Consumers want someone who provides trust and inspire confidence. I don’t think there’s even been a better time to be a REALTOR.

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