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There’s No ‘Team’ In ‘I’

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Brooke Wolford

Brooke Wolford

By Brooke Wolford

As a real estate agent, I sometimes feel as if it’s all about me. This is my business, my success, and my livelihood. For me, after several years I have tried to focus on my “team.” I have a terrific team of people who I work with.

My “team,” consists of a loan officer, closer, inspector, insurance agent, and handyman.

I try to bring this team to my clients. I do this because I know my team is the best at what they do. This will ultimately allow my clients to have the best experience ever.

My brokerage also has its own team. This is a great thing, however, it’s not necessarily the best thing for all of my clients.

In my closing days, I couldn’t understand why agents did not use the affiliated companies.  In most cases, the agents did have a good outcome. But now that I am on the other side, and I see why it wasn’t always the best situation.

When I did do closings, I worked for a large closing company. When I obtained my license, I went to work for the biggest competitor. I know that the affiliated companies with my current broker are great. But I want the best. I still use the title company that I used to work for because, in my opinion, they are the best. I use a loan officer that I have seen get tough deals done.

I tend to get a lot of slack in my office for not using the affiliated companies. I feel the constant pressure from my broker and the in-office loan officer. But I just deal and try to explain why I do what I do.

In every case, it’s really up to the buyer. I never try to force my team upon them, I just explain why I prefer to use them but the decision is always up to them. It’s about my clients and their happiness. I know when they use my team, they will have a great experience and that they will use my team again in the future.

Brooke Wolford is a real estate practitioner with Edina Realty, Hastings, Minn.  Follow her blog at adventuresinrookierealestate.blogspot.com.

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