Top Producer Life: How to Take a Day Off

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Jasen Edwards

By Jasen Edwards

Why don’t mummies go on vacation? Because they’re afraid to unwind!

Now, what about real estate agents? Why don’t they go on vacation, or even take time off regularly for that matter? Sadly, it’s because too many feel that like a mummy—if they relax, their business will unwind.

I’ve spent more than two decades showing agents how to become really good at sales. But no matter how much commission they earn, what they remember most from our time working together is learning how to take regular time off.

It’s a concept nearly everyone struggles with at some point in their career. Most experts tackle this topic in a purely business context and the advice given is pretty black and white. For example, how many times have you read about the “perfect daily schedule” and seen it presented in a way that implies anyone can copy and paste that perfect schedule into their calendar? Problem solved, right? Well, I think we all know that’s not how this works.

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Morning routines and time blocking are important, but in my opinion, not that revolutionary. What’s not discussed often enough is the emotional component: If you don’t feel you deserve time off, you won’t take it. If you’ve been conditioned to respond to every lead or message within two minutes in fear that your business will fall apart if you don’t, then there’s no way you’ll take a day off, let alone an extended vacation. And if somehow you’re pressured into it by family or friends, the vacation will likely be more stressful than a typical week grinding away at your normal routine. That’s why people sometimes joke they need a vacation from their vacation.

So, I figured out a long time ago that along with morning routines and techniques to effectively control your own schedule, I had to coach agents on this topic in a way that inspired them to reclaim their power. And that’s why, in my opinion, this topic falls right in the middle of the mindset category.

Specifically, you must learn when to think from the mindset of a boss and when to think from the mindset of an employee. To build a thriving practice that you don’t end up resenting, both mindsets are required, and the ability to switch back and forth between the two each day is essential.

If you’re one of the many people out there who don’t take a regular day off each week, here’s what you need to know: Your clients will never give you time off. You are going to have to take it and that means you’ll have to act like the boss you got into real estate to become.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Pick one day a week. Just one. And I want you to go through your calendar and mark it off through the end of the year.
  • Then, I want you to communicate to everyone in your life that you’ll be off on that day for the rest of the year. For fun, tell them the boss has decided that the office is closed.
  • Then I want you to take it one week at a time.


Initially, this might be a challenge. You should expect all your limiting beliefs about taking a day off to surface. One key to success is to find a way to get grounded and go easy on yourself when those limiting beliefs rear their ugly heads. Journaling, exercising, and spending time on the beach work for me. So does putting in my earbuds and dancing around the house to ’80s music. But whatever it is, you do you.

Reclaiming your own power in any area of life is intense work, but it’s also rewarding and totally worth the effort.  Living a top producer life isn’t about being the number one producer in your company (unless that’s your specific vision). It’s really about manifesting the life you dreamed of when you got your license. Every agent I’ve ever met has dreamed of a practice that supports other parts of their lives.

You can do this! So, when’s your day off?

Listen to Jasen talk more about taking a day off in his recent video.

Jasen Edwards is a sought-after sales expert, performance coach, and motivational speaker with more than 25 years of real estate experience. In his production heyday, he was the youngest person ever listed on the Austin Business Journal’s Top 50 agents list and was featured on the cover of REALTOR® Magazine as a member of the 30 Under 30 class of 2002. Jasen’s first book, The Top Producer Life: How To Build The Real Estate Career Of Your Dreams In Any Economy, will be published in December 2020.

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  2. This really spoke to me. Last month I was cursing the career I truly love because of my schedule. This week it’s really calm… and I am relishing in this time of where in the past I’d be thinking the worst- that sellers were gone forever. Great idea about the designated day off!

  3. The biggest source of burnout is lack of boundaries in real estate. I rarely work past 7PM and I have not worked a Sunday in 15 years. When I go on vacation, I don’t bring my phone. I have team members cover my buyers and sellers when gone and my clients all respect my Sundays off. I simply tell them day one, you can reach me 7AM-7PM, Mon-Sat only. If that doesn’t work for them, I refer them to a team member and collect mailbox money. It only works if you respect your boundaries. No calls, no texts no emails on your day off. When you are at work, work like a dog. When you are at play, play like a puppy. 31 years in the industry and 22 years as a REALTOR*.

    1. Good for you Thomas! You got this down sir! I’m glad you pointed out respecting your own boundaries…that’s hard for so many people in the beginning. Keep being a great example

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