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Virtual Tours Go 3-D With Matterport

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Brandon Doyle

Brandon Doyle

By Brandon Doyle

My Matterport Pro 3-D camera system arrived on Thursday, and agents who are early adopters of new technology will see the benefits of being able to offer your clients something that no one else can do.

Matterport is the equivalent of HD Google Street View for the interior of a house. It provides consumers the ability to virtually tour a property in 3-D from anywhere in the world. Scanning is done with the 3-D camera ($4,500), which rotates 360 degrees on a tripod, as well as an iPad app. Typically, this process takes anywhere from one to two hours for an average-size home. As you complete scans, the iPad mapping images fill in until the entire property has been mapped. At that point, the file gets uploaded to Matterport’s cloud system and is rendered into a 3-D model. Users can go online and interact with the doll house view, floor plan, and even walk through the property at their own leisure from any desktop computer. Agents are able to syndicate the link through the MLS similar to the way you would with slideshows and videos.

These 3-D virtual tours could be great for new construction, allowing the builder or agent to continue to show the home and provide examples of their work even after the house has been sold – without inconveniencing the current owners. It gives potential buyers a feel for the layout of property, which they can share with friends and family online. This technology could cut down on time that sellers need to be out of the home, and buyers’ time spent in the car.

After my team completed our first 3-D rendering, the home owners were blown away. It was something they had never seen done before and they told everyone they know.

Here is the example from listing in Maple Lake, Minn.:

Please note: Matterport tours are not yet mobile/tablet compatible; they must be viewed on a desktop computer. Matterport also has plans in the future to allow editing of finished renderings, such as changing paint colors, finishes, and possibly even doing full virtual renovations.

Brandon Doyle, ABR, e-PRO, is a second-generation real estate pro with Edina Realty in the Twin Cities. Learn more about Brandon at www.doylerealestateteam.com.


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Comments 3

  1. Hey Brandon-
    I came to this site looking for interior design methods to give virtual tours. The video you have here is something that took my interest. I have been trying a few different approaches.. was hoping to connect with you and bounce some ideas?

  2. Very good article. Anyone know if we can we link the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour to MLS.ca or realtor.ca as part of the property description? Or can we somehow embed this 3D tour into mls.ca? Thanks.

  3. Great article Brandon!
    I wanted to update you on the Matterport 3D and how you can include them in your MLS and virtual tours. VirtualTourCafe has added the ability for agents and brokers to include the 3D Tour inside the virtual tour screen in both MLS compliant and Branded versions of our virtual tour links. Since we are a Do-It-Yourself service (as well as Do-It-For-You), you can use your own pictures and add the Matterport 3D embed code directly in the virtual tour! This way, your customers will see YOUR branding, your hi-res images and the 3D model all in the same place!

    I hope that helps!

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