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What is Your Real Estate Expertise?

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Trisha Ocona Francis

By Trisha Ocona Francis

Being a real estate professional is more than just helping people sell, buy, or rent property, but rather assisting them in achieving their real estate goals. One of the best ways in doing so is by narrowing down your practice of real estate to an area you know extremely well, enjoy doing, and are committed to furthering your knowledge on the topic. It allows you to focus, and shows your clients your commitment and dedication as an expert towards their particular issue.

There are many areas to choose from, such as the luxury market, commercial sales, office leasing, residential, investing, foreclosures, apartment rentals, government program housing placement, senior housing, relocation specialist, or you can always develop your own area of expertise.

You may decide to gear your real estate practice towards commercial real estate because you like analyzing the potential profits of a building, the adventure of negotiating, and helping your clients produce their desired results. Or you may work with seniors because you enjoyed helping your previous senior clients transition from homeownership of forty years to senior housing, loved their history stories, and learned a lot about senior housing programs in the process.

The road to becoming this “Specialized Real Estate Expert” is similar to a college student deciding on a major and ultimate career choice. Medical doctors and attorneys concentrate on a specific field to practice for the same reasons.

To begin, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What exactly do I love about real estate?
  • Where do my goals lie?
  • What are my best skills?
  • What interests me?
  • What are my academic strengths?
  • Am I emotionally tied or have a housing history I can relate to?
  • What is the market hot for right now?

Also be sure to do the following:

  • Consult with your broker for the approval and guidance.
  • Speak with experienced real estate professionals.
  • Take a trip down memory lane in your real estate textbook to find out where you did well and what topics held your interest.
  • Choose that topic course for your state’s required continued education
  • Read books, articles, and follow legislation affecting your specialty.

Clients will appreciate your expert knowledge on the updated facts, benefits, and regulations, as well as have the comfort knowing they are working with an “Expert (you fill in)Professional” to handle their transaction.

Trisha Ocona Francis is a salesperson with Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty in Northern New Jersey and is the broker-owner of realestateOCONA, LLC in New York City.  Connect with her online at www.trishaocona.com or follow her on Twitter @realestateOCONA.

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  1. Well, not only this but real estate is where people live in their life, and if you fulfill all of their needs you can really make people happy with your real estate careers and develop lasting relationships in the area.

  2. I decided to focus on potential real estate buyers from Poland (my country of origin) and it works pretty good for me. I have noticed that buyers tend to gravitate towards agents from the same country. I believe it is caused by the language and cultural barrier.

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