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What’s Wrong with the Real Estate Industry?

Drew Burks Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment, Professional Development 1 Comment

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Drew Burks

Drew Burks

By Drew Burks

Very few REALTORS® are following their true passion!

Make your own rules, be authentic, transparent and have fun …

Real Estate can be a challenging business and the majority of licensed REALTORS® struggle to succeed, but it doesn’t need to be this way.  In fact, real estate can be a great deal of fun and rewarding when you are following your passion.

Yet when I speak with REALTOR®S, I find that most are frustrated and tend to share the below problems.

  • the inability to generate leads consistently
  • inconsistent income
  • keeping up with technology
  • knowing what daily activities to do to get real results

It’s  no wonder that so many are struggling to succeed as a REALTOR®.

After reading the book, Crush It, I realize why so many are having these problems…

Why you ask?

Well since you ask; here are my thoughts.

  • The majority of those who hold an active real estate license are working as a part-time REALTOR®.  Why?
  • Real Estate is simply not their passion!
  • They got into real estate for the money … wrong reason to do anything!

And we wonder why REALTORS® have such a negative reputation among the consumers.  Here’s my formula for cleaning up our industry.

  • If any or all of the above bullets sound like you, please find a new career.  You will be much happier when you start pursuing your passion and the consumers will have much better experiences with the REALTOR® they work with.
  • All REALTORS® should be required to volunteer on one or more committees at the local-, state-, and national-level at least once every few years.
  • Those who are in current leadership should re-evaluate their vision for our industry and if their vision isn’t forward thinking they should voluntarily step down from their leadership position.
  • All REALTORS® should be required to complete continued education courses every quarter.

Are you following your passion?

If you are following your passion, then you should want to do these things and being a full-time REALTOR® should not be a burden to you.  When you are loving what you do, you find yourself in action consistently which is what has to happen to succeed in life and real estate.

Drew Burks has built a brokerage in San Diego, Dream Design Realty, with a unique twist on an old business model. His Web site is devoted to helping real estate pros succeed with technology: www.WebRealEstateTools.com.

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