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Why is it so Hard for REALTORS® to Go On Vacation?

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By Michelle Flaherty

Michelle Flaherty

Michelle Flaherty

This week, I went on a quick trip with my fiancé to visit the site of our upcoming wedding in Marco Island, Florida.  With my work week reduced to Monday and Tuesday, I went into action mode, arranged coverage for the week, and packed my laptop so I could take care of business from the beach.

Of course, as soon as our flight touched down on the Gulf coast, I transformed from a Type-A taskmaster to a Type-D sun worshiper.  So how can a responsible REALTOR® relax on vacation while still keeping all balls in the air?

A few things I’ve learned:

  1. Don’t plan on doing nothing. Even with perfect preparation and great coverage back home, there will be loan conditions, appraisal delays, water tests, buyer’s remorse… and your clients will need you.  Whenever possible, respond briefly via Blackberry.  Expect that at least one transaction will require some phone time.  In real estate as in life, realistic expectations help avoid disappointment.
  2. Don’t plan on doing too much. Just like the books you lugged home to study over Thanksgiving break in college never saw the light of day, neither will the marketing brochures and new Web site you plan to create over vacation.  Relax, grab some juicy fiction, and head for the sand.  No guilt allowed.
  3. If you’re going to do any extra work, make it market research. Here in Marco Island, I love going to open houses to see how brokers conduct themselves, picking up marketing pieces, surveying the signage, checking out what new communities are offering for amenities.  The market norms of a far-away area can be ground-breakers back home!
  4. Be grateful. The problems that REALTORS® have with work-life balance stem from our incredible freedom, and we should never forget how lucky we are to have it.

Michelle Flaherty is an associate broker with Prudential Northeast Properties, serving Greater Portland, Maine.  Visit her Web site at www.michelleflaherty.com.

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Comments 2

  1. Back in July, I went on a weeklong trip to Cancun. I told one set of buyers that there was “probably nothing that would come up while I was away”

    That’s before I got the call while on vacation that the appraisal came in low. 7 phone calls, 11 e-mails, and 2 hours in the resort’s business center later, everything was resolved. Oh, did I mention that this all happened on my birthday?

    My clients and I later laughed about my earlier prediction after the settlement.

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