Why YPN? Learn How to Get Involved

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Heather Haase

By Heather Haase

As we embark on a new decade, the National Association of REALTORS® Young Professionals Network is turning 13. This is a big year for the YPN Advisory Board. We recognize the legacy that has been left for us as we continue to grow and strengthen our national presence.

Growth directly relates to the mindset of doing better—better as professionals, better as leaders, and better as a group. The NAR YPN Advisory Board has a subgroup specifically focused on growth. We are embracing the power of video as a way to spread the mission and value of YPN. Our goal is to revive the spirit in struggling networks and/or provide vision to individuals or associations wanting to start their own YPN anywhere across the nation (and even in other parts of the world).

The video below explains that even though we do network, we are so much more than a networking group. A big part of what we do involves paving the way for real estate professionals looking to get involved in the industry and develop leadership skills. We advocate and become engaged in our communities, whether by having discussions with lawmakers or volunteering our time at the local food bank. We also educate and mastermind to increase professionalism and knowledge among our members.

The NAR YPN Advisory Board Growth Group consists of Lacy Byerly Browne, Alan Stewy, Kristyn Martin, Heather Haase, and Krista Knight. The Advisory Board is led by Piper Knoll (chair) and Georgia Lee Stevens (vice chair). If YPN is something you would like to be apart of, please reach out to any of our advisory board members. Each of us has a stipend to visit local YPN groups for a meeting, class, or event to help spread the mission of YPN.

Heather Haase serves as the upbeat and spunky training director for HER REALTORS®. She also is a residential agent for the Loxley Martin Team in the Dayton, Ohio region. She serves as vice-chair for Ohio REALTORS® YPN and on the NAR YPN Advisory Board. Heather is also a Gem City ambassador, Dayton REALTORS® Leadership Academy member, and an Ohio REALTORS® director. Connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or through her website.

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