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5 Tips for Rising to the Top in Real Estate

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Rogers Healy

Rogers Healy

By Rogers Healy

Every year, I eagerly read the RealTrends 500 rankings, an elite list of top 1.5% brokerages in the U.S. But this year was different. For the first time in 14 years, our Dallas-based firm made the list, ranked as one of the “Nation’s Best.” Data also showed that our firm was the top independently owned single-office brokerage in Texas and 15th in the country.

I am still blown away when reading those sentences above. Our Dallas-based firm— started by an eager 26-year-old with a vision—made the list.

There are more than 200,000 real estate companies in the United States. There are also currently more licensed real estate professionals in the country than active listings. How did Dallas-based Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate make our way to the top 1.5% of all brokerages?

Hands Cutting Paper With Impossible Text

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With creativity, determination, and grit.

I didn’t have a background in management when I founded Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, I had a background in determination. Here are five tips you can apply to rise to the top, too.

1. Hard work pays off. You don’t become the largest independently owned single-office real estate company in Texas by sitting idle. When you stay focused, great things happen.

2. Truly understand your clients. I run a real estate brokerage. Like many of our competitors, we buy, sell, and rent homes. But unlike many of our competitors, we are a different kind of firm. When I founded our company in 2006, I did so to create a cutting-edge real estate agency based on personality. It’s cliché to believe that we are doing everything differently. We aren’t reinventing real estate, but we have reinvented the relationships behind real estate. My team creates legitimate relationships with our clients. In a competitive industry like real estate, word of mouth and referrals will make or break you, and that’s why open and honest relationships are so important.

3. Focus on growth. Our firm is constantly growing, expanding our agent count by more than 51% in 2020 alone. But we have to match that growth with strategy. Part of our strategy includes multiple trainings every week on a range of different levels of topics—from open houses 101 to marketing and branding tips. It’s most encouraging to see our team of agents take the skills from our training opportunities to gain new leads that turn into new clients.

4. Bring a persistent, positive mindset. Being successful in this industry at both the brokerage and agent level takes persistence. By changing your mindset to focus on each and every relationship, your career can evolve to its full potential. Never become too good for anything, and always have something to prove. Beat your competitors, both outside your brokerage, and within.

5. Challenge your own sales goals every year. Prove to yourself and your competitors that your persistence will push you further than anyone else in this business.

I have been in real estate for 20 years, and my management and leadership styles have continually evolved, but my drive to continually push myself and my company further has always remained steady.

As the saying goes, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” But sometimes you have to stop and reexamine your destination. Our destination here at Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate is to not just be the highest-grossing brokerage but to be the premier brokerage in culture, relationships, and tenure. Ranking among the elite top 1.5% of brokerages reinforces that we’re headed in the right direction.

Rogers Healy is the founder and CEO of Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, which is one of the most successful independently owned real estate firms in the country. He is also the founder and CEO of Healy Global Relocation and Healy Property Management. Follow Rogers on Instagram, @rogershealyrealtor, and his personal account, @RogersHealy, and visit rogershealymedia.com.

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  2. Congratulations Rogers! It is great to see you and your company recognized for all the work you have done in DFW area especially around SMU. Continue to thrive and again well deserved recognition.

  3. Congratulations for the amazing success in Real Estate. My name is Robin and I work as a Virtual assistant with Virtual Corporate. We are a 360 degrees Virtual assistance provider. I went through your website and I firmly believe that we can be of service to you. We have worked with clients from various fields and provided quality and value adding services in many genres. Let’s set-up a call and discuss more.

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