Leads Need Conversation; Connectivity Grows Business

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Gary Ward

By Gary Ward

Ask anyone with knowledge about the real estate brokerage business and they’ll tell you; those who control the real estate listings control the real estate market. Listings are the key to an agent’s (and a broker’s) bottom line, especially in a market with historically low inventory, rapidly rising home prices, and growing demand from exploding generational populations. Despite over-hyped promises and the “bells and whistles” of new and creative ways to generate listing leads, to outpace the market, real estate agents must work harder and smarter than the competition and focus on the fundamentals.

It starts with choosing to align with a company mindset, culture, and productivity platform that you know is your best option to build a sphere and close more deals. Sellers must recognize the value that your company and its brand provide, and have confidence that it’s their best option to get their property sold fast, at the highest price, and with the least amount of inconvenience.

Reaching this plateau is critical. To get there takes a great deal of time, resources, and commitment to, first, work collaboratively and deliver personalized and unique outcomes for the customer, and second,  set out to make a difference in the lives and the communities where you live and work. Those who choose to fly alone and decide they are in it to “chase the money” might be successful with generating leads and closing deals, but overall, they are counterintuitive to your mission, mindset, and your company’s client-centric culture.

To outpace the market, start with farming a neighborhood or new development and begin going door-to-door. Don’t push. Open a conversation and offer your knowledge on the market. People are very receptive to hear about the market. Inform the owners that you have buyers that want to move into town. Ask if they have considered a move to downsize or upsize, and let them know that they can make that move happen—and that you can personalize the process to make it as simple and convenient as possible. Just telling them about the market, having a conversation, and being super positive is powerful and it works!

Now, I know that many young professionals don’t want to prospect (or they give up too quickly). I get it; we are fear-based, and nobody likes rejection. Here’s the thing: Once you push yourself through one or two conversations, it gets easier and easier, and then commonplace, especially when your knowledge and skillsets help change people’s lives. Believe in yourself. Have confidence. Have conversations. Conversation creates connectivity. Every time you have a conversation, the connectivity that happens opens doors to opportunities.

For example, a conversation with a recent prospect (who has since turned into a client) led me to learn about her son who was graduating from his university in Colorado with an internship in Los Angeles. She also shared that she and her husband would enjoy living close to the beach. I was able to seize that opportunity and make it all happen for them.

Remember, leads are not leads until a conversation happens. Conversations lead to connectivity and connectivity leads to a growing business.

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Gary Ward, with Century 21 Award, has resided in Southwest San Clemente for more than 35 years. Gary is recognized as a top real estate professional and has been awarded the Century 21 Centurion award for the last seven years and has sold over 350 properties in Southern California. Gary is an expert not only on the custom home market in South Orange County, but he also has vast experience in commercial property transactions. His personality ensures that all transactions are smooth and efficient, whether you are buying or selling, and meet his clients’ needs swiftly and successfully. Gary offers a dedicated work ethic and commitment to accommodate his clients’ goals.

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