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A Case For Facebook Fan Pages for Your Business

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Laura Rubinchuk

Laura Rubinchuk

By Laura Rubinchuk

Lately I’ve been convinced that Facebook business pages should be more like a community page, a 365 page, or another way to get your community involved and talking.

While I see extreme value in that, and don’t mean to discredit that theory, because there are many ways to make social media work for you, I want to say that you should STILL have a fan page for you business (or your brand).

I recently got engaged and found wedding planning to be a second job. Research, planning, Web surfing, reviews, etc. etc. <eyes glazing over here> I’ve found that I went back to what I know well. When I find a vendor I’m interested in, I took to wedding rating sites in addition to Facebook. I wanted to see what people were willing to stake their names and identities to say. Is it just the vendor talking about recent events or did the clients actually post something to say “Thank you! You were great!” or something of the sort. In one instance, I was so torn between two vendors, I actually sent a complete stranger a Facebook message. Surprised? She responded. She was willing to spend the time to tell a complete stranger how great this DJ was at her wedding. I find it’s easy to bash or praise a vendor as a faceless avatar with an arbitrary name – it’s more credibility when it’s an actual person speaking up and vouching for this professional.

Take that to your business. We ask clients for testimonials all the time – we add it to our websites, our marketing brochures, we paste them everywhere! But what about your Facebook page? Why not simply ask them to write it there? You know they’re on there killing time anyway! You know how it goes – the post shows up on their wall, and their friends see it, and so on and so forth.fanpage

Just don’t forget to be consistent. Don’t have one post a month or none at all. Don’t brag, don’t just post your blogs or tweets. Actually provide some content and reassurance so when a stranger looks for you, they’ll find something great they can’t ignore! I plan to implement this new strategy, now that the lightbulb has gone off!

Laura Rubinchuk, GRI, is a real estate practitioner with Keller Williams Realty in McLean, Va. Visit her blog at www.ArlingtonRealEstateNews.com or her Web site at www.TheLJRGroup.com.

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  2. I’ve noticed that Google is pulling Yelp reviews into it’s own list now. I wonder if Facebook reviews will ever feed into Google or Yelp? I can’t decide WHERE to ask the client to post the review. #toomanyoptions

  3. Facebook fan pages are doing great over internet marketing.
    A number of pages could be taken as an example.
    Also, while searching on this i found a website which grades fan pages. It tells us the quality of our fan pages. Seems useful.. Might help you out… have a look http://lane12.com/fanpage-grader/ 🙂

  4. Just looking to learn more about Facebook and Social Networking. Saw the movie “Social Networking” last night. Pretty cool insight as the the speed of growth for things to go Viral!!!!


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