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A Powerful Lesson in Follow-Up

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Alex Milshteyn

By Alex Milshteyn

It seems that every year I learn the lesson of how important it is to follow-up.

I recently received a referral from a past client. My past client gave me a glowing review, hence their friends called me. I met with the lovely couple to talk about the sale of their home. I met with them twice, the first time to view the home and discuss their goals, and the second time to review my marketing program and the market analysis. At our second meeting, we had made the decision that it would be beneficial for them to redo the kitchen and the bathroom. They were not in a rush to move, but they preferred to move in early 2012. I left our last meeting with the idea that we would be in touch over the next few months to get the home listed.

I left the appointment feeling like the listing was mine and that it was a matter of time before they called me to list the home. I followed up 6 weeks after our second meeting and everything seemed to be on track with the remodel of the kitchen and the bathroom.

This is where I could kick myself!

My overconfidence of “having” the listing got the best of me and I put their file away as if it was a signed listing contract…well, it wasn’t. Last week, I was going through the MLS looking at the new listings and what do I find? This lovely couple listed their home with another agent. I felt like I got punched in the stomach. But what did I expect? I hadn’t talked to them in nine months.

As I do every time this occurs, I sat myself down and told myself that I have to be better, that I have to follow up, that I have to time-block these follow up calls, that I’m not the almighty real estate agent. My pride suffered but it was a lesson well learned. I must follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!

Alex Milshteyn, GRI, ABR, is a REALTOR® in Ann Arbor, Mich., who runs a real estate team of five professionals called Alex Milshteyn Real Estate Associates. Connect with him at www.alexmi.com.

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Comments 4

  1. Well I think we can all relate. I have been in the same situation and have learned from it!! Its definitely something that we all need to be on top of. I think some people feel like they are “pressuring” the buyer or seller but in reality they are looking for us and want us to guide them.

  2. Could you have taken the listing as an office exclusive (to secure the listing) and made the expiration date to coincide with the completion of their renovations? When the renovations were completed then the listing could be published in the MLS..Still, follow up would have been the best answer…

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