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Finding That Blogging Inspiration

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Jessica Hickok

Jessica Hickok

By Jessica Hickok

Nothing is more frustrating than when you can’t find the inspiration to update your social media statuses or knock out that blog post.  I have spent many nights staring at a blank computer screen trying to search deep within myself to write something engaging for my blog readers.  That’s because I’m a REALTOR®, not a writer.

But everyone says that blogging is so important for your real estate career and that it’s “so easy to do.” While I do agree with the first part of that, I believe the second part I can only partially agree with.

However, I do have some tips for finding that blogging inspiration you need:

1.)     Scan your RSS feed reader headlines as if they are questions. Write your post as a response to the article you just read.  This also creates great link juice for that original article you read.

2.)     Flip open a magazine and scan the table of contents.  Take a magazine headline and replace it with your own.  For example: a magazine article reads “Computer Help 911”. Change it to “Short Sale Help 911.” Use it to write about how you are working a short sale transaction and share the tips you use to save a dying deal.

3.)     When all else fails, go to a site like www.facebookstatus.org.  If anything, reading the hilarious status updates will take the pressure off of feeling like you have to come up with something witty on your own.

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to dig deep and find your blogging inspiration.  Then you can go back to what you really are good at…selling houses.

Jessica Hickok, a self-proclaimed blogging- and Twittering-fanatic, is with Dizmang Properties in Springfield, Mo. Visit Jessica’s blog: www.jessicahickok.com.

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