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10 Ways to Create Video Content for Your Real Estate Blog

Drew Burks Marketing, Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 9 Comments

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Drew Burks

Drew Burks

By Drew Burks

Video Marketing Attracts More Clients!

With more than 2 billion videos viewed on YouTube each day, it’s obvious that video is HOT!  So why aren’t more real estate pros using video marketing to attract quality home buyers & sellers to their business?

Most REALTORS® tell me that they don’t know where to start or how to create content, so I decided to write a short post to help those who are struggling to move past this obstacle.

  1. Client Testimonials – think about it!  How cool to have past clients on video telling the world what a great REALTOR® you are and how much they enjoyed working with you.  I can already hear the objections … “my clients aren’t comfortable doing this or being on camera“.  I understand, not everyone will be … BUT a few will be happy to do so.
  2. Home Buying Tips – record a series of short videos to educate home buyers to important / helpful tips when buying a home.  A brainstorm ideas to get you going:  explain why they need to be pre-approved.
  3. Home Selling Tips – record a series of short videos to educate home sellers to the important / helpful tips when selling a home.  A few brainstorm ideas to get you going:  importance of staging a home, packing up clutter/personal items and removing from the house before putting on the market, establishing the best price, etc…
  4. Your Bio – add a short video to your traditional written bio.  All you need is 1-3 minute video to tell the world who you are, what’s important to you, and what you stand for in this world.
  5. Neighborhood Tours – consider creating short videos to highlight the best of the neighborhoods in your market.  *Don’t forget to use some good royalty-free music to improve the video.
  6. Community Events – similar idea to the above, but use these videos to showcase community events that are popular in the different neighborhoods: street festivals, farmers markets, art walks, music festivals, etc….
  7. Five + Five – ask your buyers what five questions they have about the “home buying process” and then record a video to answer each question.  Then ask yourself what five questions a buyer should ask their REALTOR® about the “home buying process,” and then record a video with each of your questions and answers.  You could do this same thing for home sellers.
  8. Interview with local businesses – interview a business owner every month.
  9. Glossary of Terms – we all know that real estate has its own language.  Create a series of videos that explain industry terms like: Escrow, Closing Table, HUD, Good Faith Estimate (GFE), Counter offer, etc…
  10. Show Me How – this is a great way to include your affiliate partners and show case your team on your blog.  For example, maybe you can record a short video with your preferred home inspector where he could do a quick “show me how” video on preventing something that is  commonly found during his inspections.

To get the most SEO bang for your content, I encourage you to combine all of your videos with a written blog post.

What other content creation ideas can you share with our readers?

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts or expansions on any of my ideas AND of course share any ideas you have for creating quality content that will help REALTORS® attract new clients.

Don’t forget to check out the video our fellow YPN Blogger, Jonathan Osman, recorded to share some really great ideas on how to use video ….  Watch it here.

Drew Burks has built a brokerage in San Diego, Dream Design Realty, with a unique twist on an old business model. His Web site is devoted to helping real estate pros succeed with technology: www.WebRealEstateTools.com.

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Comments 9

  1. Hi Drew,

    I was wondering if you can point us to some videos that showcase the things you mention above? I would like to see some real examples of how other Realtors have incorporated video into their Website other than home tours.

  2. Drew,

    I like the idea of posting the videos you suggest and really see the value, but I am hesitant to post something to my site unless it is a really quality piece. How do you suggest doing this economically and professionally? A piece shot by my flip video would look a little odd I think. Any input would be great.

  3. Think hyper local. Shoot content unique to your area to attract both local and out of town residents. Worry more about the content and less on the quality if someone likes the info but quality is bad, trust me, they will still watch your video. Content is king. Best luck!

  4. The FAQ over and over real estate buyer questions are a good source to one by one blog and video about. Linking to emails and in your other media weed and feed daily SEO. Video works so well with the show and tell. Easy, more memorable and mobile device users just toggle, watch, listen.

  5. I agree– video marketing definitely attracts more clients. I remember when I rented my first apartment for college. There were plenty of others out there that were probably nicer and cheaper, but I chose a specific location because of the video they had on their website. I recommend attaching one to your ad online to gain more prospective tenants!

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