How to be a Fair Housing decoder

Uncovering Bias to Interrupt Fair Housing Inequities

Lee Davenport, Ph.D Fair Housing 4 Comments

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Lee Davenport

By Lee Davenport

Have you noticed from shows like “The Tinder Swindler,” “Dateline,” “Snapped,” and the ID channel that abiding by the law is not automatic or even intuitive for everyone?

It’s April, but our mommas did not raise any fools—we understand that this very important factoid impacts all aspects of life.

Real talk: just because laws are in place does not mean that violators will get caught or face a commensurate penalty. Again, see the TV shows mentioned above.

Fair housing law violations are no exception. The laws and regulations that ensure housing is equally accessible to all are great (and April is the month we rightfully celebrate fair housing’s enactment), but that does not mean everyone will experience fair housing. Even though the federal act was passed 54 years ago, violaters still succeed.

Cue all fair housing advocates! Those of us who are real estate pros are smarter than the average bear, and we have an opportunity—and frankly, a responsibility—to interrupt UN-fair housing. We also have the tools at our disposal!

How do we do that?

I have a simple and high-impact technique that any real estate pro (agents, mortgage brokers, home stagers, appraisers, inspectors, and anyone else involved in a real estate deal) can immediately put into practice.

Check out this month’s master class, where I share a technique that business coaching conferences charge thousands of dollars to make privy.

And bonus, download for free the infographic mentioned in the video:

How to Be a Fair Housing Decoder© (click here to download)

Fair Housing infographic

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Here’s to your success!

Dr. Lee Davenport is an Atlanta-based real estate coach who trains agents, teams, brokerages, and other business organizations on how to use today’s technology to work smarter. Join Lee’s free RE Tech Insider’s Club by visiting www.LearnWithLee.REALTOR.

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  1. Hi Dr. Lee. We have worked together in the past. Hope you are well. I would like to speak with you about working together again. Our state has made implicit bias and cultural competency required topics for all licensees and I’m thinking we can absolutely find a way to offer training virtually as that has been approved as a means of delivery for CE credit. Please email me or feel free to contact me on my cell. 516 672 9781

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