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Is the Real Estate Business Today Making Us More Social?

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Subhi J. Gharbieh

Subhi J. Gharbieh

By Subhi J. Gharbieh

Being a REALTOR® for a little more than four years now, I have a good understanding of how to approach my business today. I think it is safe to say that when I got into the business, “cold calling” was pretty much being phased out. With the emergence of federal and state Do Not Call laws, it was becoming very difficult to effectively prospect potential clients over the phone.  On the flip side, I feel that these laws have made us resort to more genuine, personal ways of prospecting.

I have found that my most effective prospecting strategy is to simply put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. Would you give the time of day to sit on the phone and listen to what some REALTOR® who you have never met has to say? Especially when they call around dinner time…who enjoys that? I personally would not speak to any telemarketer trying to sell their product/service over the phone, so I am not a big fan of cold calling.

Social media today has really evolved the way we prospect and do business overall.  Blogging, tweeting, and sharing your posts with Facebook friends, are easy ways to get your message out to an unlimited number of prospects. Who knows which one of your friends will share your post, exposing it to all of their friends, and on and on… Facebook is also an easy way of gathering an e-mail list of potential clients, if they do not choose to hide their contact information.

So get out there — knock on doors, attend local events, and meet new people! Life is too short to be shy.

Subhi J. Gharbieh is the broker owner of Gharbieh & Associates in Dallas. Connect with him at www.Gharbieh.com or on Twitter @subhig.

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  1. You need to be where all the eyeballs are, where viewers can listen, watch your embedded videos. It used to be Walter Cronkhite told us “that’s the way it is”. Now you hear it from the trenches from you and I in our zip codes at the local broadcaster. Real estate brokers not grasping technology, media will wear rusted dark blue and gold “R”‘s. Embrace it, make it a sport, be creative and reinvent how you do the real estate dog and pony.

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