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Is the Worst Behind Us?

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Alex Milshteyn

By Alex Milshteyn

Unpredictability is a big part of our careers as REALTORS®. I have been selling real estate for nearly 12 years and as soon as I get comfortable with, the market the rug is pulled right from underneath me and my business is thrown into disarray.

After five years of negative media coverage on our market and a downward pricing of homes, I was used to the negativity. I was used to calling my sellers every week and not having anything to talk about other than the need to drop their price. I was used to buyers taking their sweet time with no sense of urgency to find a home. I was used to showing 50+ houses to a buyer just to get through the short list of houses meeting their criteria. I was used to negotiating the deal then renegotiating the deal after inspections then renegotiating the deal at the appraisal and then again renegotiating the deal prior to closing. I was use to apologizing for this market. And last but not least, I was use to being content with what my job had become.

Like many REALTORS®, I think we got use to the negativity and we did the best we could. I saw many friends go out of business, and the sad story is I saw some friends lose their homes like many of our clients because of this market and the economy.

All in all, what we all went through was sad. But we all knew things would eventually change. I am happy to report that the rug was pulled from underneath me once again. This time it’s for the better.

In my travels throughout the country, I am happy to report that it seems most markets are rebounding, especially in the hardest hit states like Florida, Michigan, Nevada, California, and many others, sales are up and prices are up. In my own market (Ann Arbor, Mich.) we are seeing 20 percent higher prices than last year. The market is moving quickly, homes are selling within days, and our market has begun rebounding. For the first time in a very long time I am seeing new REALTORS® enter the business and actually be successful. The best part is that I am seeing my friends enjoying being REALTORS® again.

I feel like the worst is over and we are heading in the right direction. This time I am happy that the rug was pulled up from underneath us. The ever changing market is why I am in this business and although the past 5 years have been hard, at least it was never boring. Here’s to a better market!

Alex Milshteyn, GRI, ABR, is a REALTOR® in Ann Arbor, Mich., who runs a real estate team of five professionals called Alex Milshteyn Real Estate Associates. Connect with him at www.alexmi.com.

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