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Keep it Relevant in Content Marketing

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Brandon Doyle

Brandon Doyle

By Brandon Doyle

Content marketing is all about creating original content that the reader values. A lot of people go wrong by copying and pasting another person’s works, or just regurgitating what someone else has already said. It is important that what you talk about on your real estate blog or website is relevant to your reader, and to your overall goal of selling real estate. You could write about your favorite movies or recipes all day, but that will not help you sell homes.

Example of content marketing from my blog, doylerealestateteam.com.

Example of content marketing from my blog, doylerealestateteam.com.

Here are a few ideas for reaching potential clients through content marketing:

  • Buyers want to read about different neighborhoods and what amenities certain areas have to offer. Schools are very important, so providing buyers with quick links to boundary maps and information about the different schools in the area is very helpful. You can pair this with a jump search you’ve created through your broker or IDX provider. This way, when buyers are searching for a particular elementary school, they’ll be able to find homes in that area.
  • Sellers want to know what techniques are important to selling their home in your area. If homes in a particular area are selling quickly and for more money, those home owners would be interested to read about it. Are you doing something different than your competitors to market properties? Write about it! Consumers are out there surfing the Web right now, and if you have original content to offer, they will want to read more.

Content marketing for real estate is a great way to capture the attention of both buyers and sellers before they enter the market place. Just remember to keep it relevant, local, and update your site regularly.

Brandon Doyle, ABR, e-PRO, is a second-generation real estate pro with Edina Realty in the Twin Cities. Learn more about Brandon at www.doylerealestateteam.com.

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