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Moving Tips to Help Your Clients Selling Large Properties

Alex Capozzolo Sellers, Working with Clients 4 Comments

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Alex Capozzolo

By: Alex Capozzolo

People decide to move for all sorts of reasons. They might be ready to move into their dream neighborhood or are looking for something a little closer to work to curb their commute. For some who are in a different phase in life, downsizing might be the reason. Moving is anxiety-inducing enough as it is, but selling a large home can feel like a daunting task, especially if downsizing means getting rid of belongings as well. Safety, peace of mind and ease of process are the most important factors to keep in mind when selling a large home. Though it will be stressful (as all moves are) there are ways to minimize the strife.

Your clients will look to you as their advisor in the transaction, of course, but they might also look to you for help making the process of moving easier. If you’re helping a client sell a large home, here are some essential tips to guide them in making the moving process as seamless as possible.

Start Planning Early

When it comes to moving from a large property, the early bird gets the worm. You can work with your clients to start planning months in advance. If you have movers in your network, see about helping your client secure them far in advance in case the movers’ schedules are busy. Additionally, this helps your clients mentally prepare  for the task ahead. You can advise them to create a timeline that includes sorting through belongings, making necessary repairs and staging the property for sale. You can also advise them to use this time to also gather important documents like warranties and manuals that will be helpful for the next owner.


One person’s clutter is another person’s deal-breaker. When selling a large property, less is more, so you’ll want to advise your clients to go through each room with a critical eye get rid of or store anything that isn’t essential. This is the perfect time for a garage sale or to donate items to charity. Not only does this make your client’s move lighter, but a decluttered space also appears larger and more inviting to potential buyers.

Organize As You Pack

Packing an entire house can feel like an endless puzzle. Clients can keep it manageable by organizing as they go, which is a suggestion you can make as well. Remind your clients to label boxes clearly with the contents and the room they belong to. This is key for them if they want to make the move easier. If your client likes to be extra organized, they could consider color-coding for the sake of efficiency. It might be a little more work up front, but it will make a big difference on the back end.  This not only helps them but also makes it easier for movers to place boxes in the correct rooms at the new home.

Hire Professionals

For a large property, professional help can be a lifesaver. Professional movers have the skills and equipment to handle large items and delicate valuables safely. They will make sure things get moved safely, which is important. Another professional your client might want to consider is a stager to help make the property more appealing to potential buyers. You can explain how their expertise can transform the space and potentially increase the property’s market value.

Keep Important Items Accessible

During the hustle and bustle of moving, it’s easy to misplace important items. You can suggest that your seller keep separate bag for essentials like passports, important documents, medication and basic tools. This ‘essentials bag’ should be the last thing they pack and the first thing they unpack. This ensures that they have access to these items throughout the moving process.

Address Updates

Remind your seller that updating their address is more than just a formality. This is a crucial step to ensure continuity throughout the move. They’ll want to make a list of all of the entites that need to be notified of the change, including banks, insurance companies and subscription services. This is also the time to set up mail forwarding with the post office. Doing this early avoids the hassle of missing important mail or packages.

Make Well-Being a Priority

Moving, especially from a large property, can be physically and emotionally taxing. Taking breaks, staying hydrated, and eating well are all necessary for you as the agent and for your client. If your client has pets or children, you could suggest that they consider arranging care for them on moving day to reduce stress if that’s possible for them. They might also ask friends and family for help. A support system during a move is invaluable.

Final Walkthrough

Before handing over the keys, do a final walkthrough of the property with your client. Check every room, closet and cabinet to ensure nothing is left behind. This is also a time to take meter readings and ensure all utilities are transferred or shut off. Leaving the property clean and in good condition is not only courteous but also important for a smooth transition. By following these tips, you can make the process of moving out of a large property less overwhelming and more organized for your client. Remember, preparation is key, and a little help goes a long way.

Alex Capozzolo is the co-founder of Brotherly Love Real Estate. He has been investing in real estate for +7 years and owns a small portfolio of 14 units. Alex works full-time as a real estate agent in Southern California and enjoys writing on home improvement, marketing strategies, and other real estate topics.

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  1. Love it – getting a head start on the packing, donating, decluttering is HUGE to reduce stress during this process. And it is very freeing to purge during a move when you have time to do it correctly.

  2. Thank you Alex for the great article that’s full of helpful reminders to us, as agents, on how we can be better serve our clients. Sometimes, we get complacent.

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