2022 goals in notebook

New Year, New Plan? 2 Indications It’s Time to Switch Things Up

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Lee Davenport

By Lee Davenport

There’s something about the start of the new year—even if we’re already a few weeks in—that makes it a motivating time to begin new initiatives, goals, and schedules.

But is it really necessary?

Here are two considerations to help you identify if it’s time to switch things up in 2022.

1. Did you have a seemingly good plan (perhaps because it works for other agents) for your business last year that you just could not seem to implement?

That may not be a sign that you have to try harder, but that you need a new plan. If there is no momentum in three to six months, go back to the drawing board—or in this case, the vision board.

I have talked to agents who have grit and tenacity but it can be misplaced if they’re holding on to a schedule for months on end with no positive results.

2022 goals in notebook

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2. Are you holding yourself accountable to complete your schedule?

Many agents have a business schedule that they really do enjoy once they get going, but it’s the “getting going” part that is the struggle, so accountability is a must.

What does accountability look like? Perhaps forming a “study group” or creating a reward that you only give yourself once you have accomplished your tasks for a given day or week. One agent I am coaching has decided that her Starbucks runs will be contingent on completing her tasks from the day before.

If Starbucks isn’t your thing, try to come up with a small reward you can offer yourself for a day well scheduled and executed.

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