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What Small Town USA Can Teach Us About Social Media

Drew Burks Technology & Social Media 9 Comments

By Drew Burks Does Facebook Privacy have you concerned? Lately, it seems like everyone is concerned about their online privacy … … I can’t help but ask what are you hiding? As a real estate professional, I use social media sites to expand and grow my business first and foremost; therefore, I want my information to be found easily.  In …

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Facebook Privacy Updates

Blog Contributor Technology & Social Media Leave a Comment

By Stefanie Hahn It’s summertime!  Let’s grab our bathing suits, hit the pool and… oh yeah, check our Facebook privacy settings.  Another update from Zuckerburg and crew has created the need to recheck what you are sharing on Facebook. First things first … If you are connected with more than 15 people on facebook and you haven’t created a few …

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What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You?

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 2 Comments

By Jonathan Osman You are a professional now. You dress in business attire during the work week. You have a website that has every home listed in the MLS.  Your carefully written bio makes you appear as you are the greatest agent to receive a license.  You may even have a killer buyer and seller presentation.  However, I would bet …