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So You Didn’t Get the Listing. Why Not?

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By: Tim and Julie Harris

Fact: Of all activities in real estate, listings require the highest level of skill. Working with buyers is physical labor; working with listings is mental labor.

Myth: In terms of listing appointments versus listings taken it’s okay to expect to list 50% of what comes your way.

Fact: That’s NOT ok. You wouldn’t accept a …

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Are You an Order-Taker or a True Salesperson?

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By Dave Robison According to NAR’s report about real estate professionals, the majority of us came from admin jobs rather than sales jobs. There is a high probability that the majority of you reading this are order-takers.  The good news is you can change that. You can become a better sales person. I admit it, I was an order-taker and …

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Out With the Old and In With the New…

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  By Lincoln Crum We’ve all heard this statement enough over the past month as we’ve entered a new year and a brand new decade.  There’s a ton of talk, within our industry about new trends, technology, updates, Web2.0 and now 3.0. Lots of “new” speak these days. Being a 20-year veteran of the industry, starting when I was a …