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The Buyer You Hate… Is Just Misunderstood. Steps to Help.

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Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

By Dave Robison

What’s the worst buyer you have ever worked with?  I hear it from many agents. “Ohhh, this buyer can’t make up their mind. I’ve shown them a million homes; we have done several offers and they just can’t find that perfect home. I’m tired.”  Matter of fact, just Monday, I had a buyer’s agent call on one of my listings and the agent said, “Dave, this guy is an engineer and I’ve shown him a million homes.”

There could be multiple reasons why this is happening. However, I am here to tell you as an agent, it is your fault.  Why is it your fault? Because the agent misunderstands the buyer and doesn’t know how to help them.

We helped “one of those types” whose name is Adam.  He likes to research data, ask a million detailed questions, etc.  I assisted Adam in learning about his talents. Adam also read an article that explained the dangers of his talent. As a result,  Adam only saw eight homes before he bought a home.  That is it!  How did we take “one of those hated buyers” and help them buy a home after seeing only eight houses?

1.      We helped Adam understand his talent by taking an assessment. You can order one online at www.kahunarainmaking.com (It’s $50 for a buyer assessment.)

2.      We showed Adam that his talent was to prevent risk and his natural tendency would be to look at everything he can so that he would make the perfect pick…however, we showed him that if he did that, he would end up feeling like he “settled.”  As someone who likes to research, we gave him an article so he knew what we were saying had credibility.  The article is here: http://www.kahunarainmaking.com/TheTyrannyofChoice.pdf

3.      We had him research online and narrow down his selections to about 10 homes.

4.      We only show eight homes.

5.      After showing two homes, we ask him to pick his favorite. We rip up the home he doesn’t like and we keep this elimination going all day. By the end of the day, he has picked his favorite.

6.      During the process we have to ask a lot of questions.  We always go three deep.  (Most agents that don’t help their buyers become coached, thus, they keep showing more homes.)

The key with this buyer was that they like credible information.  By giving them “proof” of their talent and also the article of the study, they then created their own path. Just as there are ways to help this type of client, there are ways to shut them down. Simply telling them information won’t work. They have an innate need. Using these steps will help them get that need fulfilled so they can feel comfy buying a home. Good luck!

Dave Robison, known as “Utah Dave,” is a broker of Robison & Company Real Estate.

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