‘How I’m Responding to My Clients’ FAQs’

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By Matt Clements No doubt, we’re operating under new conditions, helping clients buy, sell, and rent property during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the common questions you’re getting from customers and prospects might be the same as always, while others might be unique to today’s world. In the spirit collaboration, here’s how I’m answering the questions I frequently receive. Q. …

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The Curse of the Time Sucker

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By Melissa Krchnak We all have pieces of our business that can suck our time away from being successful: meetings that don’t feel productive, emptying our inbox, conflict resolution, admin tasks, and chatting with our friends and colleagues. Just yesterday I encountered the worst of the time sucker, the commitment-phobe. This particular person is an over-analyzer who uses that as …

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What’s the Message? Ask Yourself ‘Why’

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By Toby Boyce “What do you think Heather Jones* does?” my mother-in-law inquired as we followed a heavily decorated mini-van through the streets of a north-central Ohio community. “Well, I think it would be real estate,” I replied. “You can just make out a ‘just listed’ and ‘sold’ in the paintwork beside the license plate.” “How in the hell was …

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Learning to Let Go of Assumptions

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By Chris Nichols Assumptions — we all make them. But have you ever stopped and thought about the dangers involved in making even just simple assumptions? Wikipedia states, “In logic an assumption is a proposition that is taken for granted, as if it were true based upon presupposition without preponderance of the facts.” Have you ever assumed what the needs of a client …

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The Buyer You Hate… Is Just Misunderstood. Steps to Help.

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By Dave Robison What’s the worst buyer you have ever worked with?  I hear it from many agents. “Ohhh, this buyer can’t make up their mind. I’ve shown them a million homes; we have done several offers and they just can’t find that perfect home. I’m tired.”  Matter of fact, just Monday, I had a buyer’s agent call on one …