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The Reality We Create

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Brett Caviness

Brett Caviness

By Brett Caviness

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and live by it everyday.  As a determined entrepreneur and recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, I am goal-oriented and envision my plans becoming a reality.  I work toward my goals each and everyday.

I have been in the business since 2009, but recently began a new chapter, bringing my business home to the resort community of Okoboji in North-West Iowa.  Excited about this new endeavor, I began marketing my diverse interests along with the areas both my office and I specialize in.

I began using the phrase “From country living to your back-yard beach, I’ve got you covered.”  No later than two days after this phrase was published in a local newspaper, I was contacted to co-list my first two area properties.  I was approached first to co-list a lakefront “Back-yard beach,” then later in the day to list an acreage “Country living.”  I couldn’t help but notice the strange relationship between the vision and words that I convey each day and the reality that I was creating.  I feel we play a critical role in the world we co-construct.

As I hit the pavement running on this new journey, I am focused on my physical actions as well as my mental motivation that help draw success in my direction.  I’m not saying that by envisioning yourself being successful it will just happen.  What I want to promote is an overall model of positive thinking and action combined to help propel your business and yourself in your desired direction.  In challenging times it is important to remember all things are possible as we have the true power to create our own reality.

Brett Caviness is a REALTOR® in the resort community of Okoboji in North-West Iowa.  Connect with him at  www.BrettCavinessHomes.com.

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