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Help Urban Area Sellers Boost Curb Appeal

Alex Capozzolo Sellers, Selling 101 1 Comment

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Alex Capozzolo

By: Alex Capozzolo

Urban life typically means living in a condominium, townhome or apartment building. However, that doesn’t mean savvy homeowners can’t take proactive steps to enhance curb appeal. If you’re client is gearing up to sell their place in the city, there are several things you can recommend to them to improve urban curb appeal and make their home more enticing. Here are some suggestions you could field to help your client make their home look beautiful and visually appealing to potential buyers.

Start with Pest and Trash Control

While the benefits of townhomes and condos are numerous, living right next to other people may bring the added challenge of pests and trash. Mitigating these issues is important before listing a property on the marketplace. Here are some helpful pest control tips that keep your client’s place looking clean and well-kept, which will make the right impression on potential buyers.

  • Remove all trash from around the home’s exterior since garbage will attract everything from mice and rats to insects like flies and cockroaches.
  • Contact a reliable pest control company and ask them to do an inspection and apply the proper pest control treatment.
  • After the pest inspection, ask the company to provide an official certificate showing your home is pest-free.
  • Remember to address any mess left behind by birds, which can turn the outside of a beautiful home into an eyesore.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Does Wonders

Regarding curb appeal, there’s nothing quite as effective as applying a fresh coat of paint to a space—indoor or outdoor. Ensure you recommend using high-quality exterior paint that can handle all types of weather. You can encourage your client to choose versatile, neutral colors that appeal to a wide range of buyers. Visually attractive hues include deep red, blues or warm greens. You can also go a bit more muted with shades of gray or cream.

If you don’t have the time or the budget to paint the entire exterior of your home, focus on the door, exterior trim, and window shutters for a nice, updated look. It’s perfectly fine to go bold, but make sure that the colors don’t clash with the rest of the homes in the neighborhood.

Focus on the Small Touches

While many urban homes don’t have an expansive front yard, there are still things homeowners can do to improve curb appeal. Focus on the small touches to elevate the look of your space, like door hardware and lighting.

  • Replace exterior door handles, hinges, door knockers and peephole covers with something new and trending (make sure it all matches) for a fresh look.
  • Upgrade the lighting, including any porch or landing lights, to make the home brighter and more inviting (solar lights and LED bulbs are great energy-saving choices).
  • If there’s no yard, place a few potted plants on the front stoop or plant some small hedges on either side of the door to add some life and greenery. If there is a yard or greenspace, make sure it’s free of weeds and fresh looking. You could consider adding in some seasonal flowers for a pop of color.

Brighten Up a Brick Home

Many homes in urban areas are made of brick or have a brick facade, so it’s important to ensure that these types of homes are in excellent condition before they’re put up for sale. Ask your clients to consider power washing the brick to remove mildew and dirt. You can also apply some paint or stain or whitewash the brick to freshen things up. While this process takes time and effort, it’s worth the investment for many sellers, as a fresh look will entice buyers.

Before updating the appearance of the brick, make it known to your client that it’s crucial to do some basic repairs if you notice any cracks or gaps in the joints. Not only will this make the front of the home look better, but it’s also important to the property’s structural integrity. Suggest to your client that after the brick is repaired, they will want to apply a quality primer before painting it. When whitewashing brick, remove old paint and debris before beginning the process. It’s necessary to be thorough.

Curb Appeal is For Homes Everywhere

Whether you’re dealing with pest control issues or the front of your home looks outdated, remember these tips to enhance the curb appeal of your urban home. A few simple steps will instantly improve the aesthetic of any city dwelling. From adding a coat of paint to improving door hardware, these small changes will produce impressive results and may even help sell your home faster.

Alex Capazzolo is the co-founder of Brotherly Love Real Estate. He has been investing in real estate for +7 years and owns a small portfolio of 14 units. Alex works full-time as a real estate agent in Southern California and enjoys writing on home improvement, marketing strategies, and other real estate topics.

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