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Elevate Your Visibility Online With a Lasting Digital Brand

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Building your digital brand is one of the best ways to increase awareness of your business and the services you offer. A powerful online presence will help you drive leads through your website, generate referrals and grow your network.

There’s no better way for a potential client to gauge what it’s like to work with you—whether they’re buying or selling—than to visit your website for a sense of your expertise and personality. That’s why your website is the best place to start when you’re ready to invest in your online presence.

Tapping the Power of the REALTOR® Brand

A great option for REALTORS® is the .realtor™ website, which comes as an exclusive benefit of your National Association of REALTORS® membership. As a REALTOR®, you get a .realtor™ domain name for free for one year (and $39.95 annually after that). In addition to your .realtor™ domain, you get access to a free website with a variety of ready-to-launch templates.

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A .realtor™ website immediately signifies credibility and high quality to potential clients. Plus, the .realtor™ website is easy to set up and intuitive to use, says REALTOR® Julia Uberty. “The website helps potential clients get a look at what it would be like to work with me. It has helped with SEO when people are searching my name or for a real estate professional in Utah.”

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Whether you choose a .realtor™ website or another option, it’s important to keep SEO best practices in mind. Learning the basics of optimizing your site for search engines like Google will help drive more traffic to your website, generate inbound leads for your business and grow your brand awareness.

Watch this free Google Training webinar to get started.

Your Digital Brand Is a Long-Term Investment

Investing in your online presence isn’t just about short-term rewards, though. You can expect significant long-term benefits when you take the time to curate a digital brand. 

  1. Your online marketing strategy boosts your visibility and accessibility to clients. As you continue growing your relationships, you’ll increase trust and credibility and position yourself as a reputable leader within the industry. 
  2. You’ll have more flexibility to engage with your audience across a variety of platforms. Staying engaged on the social networks your clients and peers use the most will help you adapt more quickly to emerging customer preferences.
  3. You can take advantage of robust insight tools that typically come with social business profiles. This gives you a deeper understanding of what content is resonating with your clients so you can provide more.  

Staying engaged online is crucial to your success. It not only expands your audience reach but also gives you valuable insights into what people are responding to. Those insights are difficult to capture when using more traditional, offline methods. These data points are the building blocks of long-term career growth; you can create a sustainable path to success and not just a one-off moment of virality.

If you want to launch or revamp your real estate website, claim your free .realtor™ domain and website and get started today.

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