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YPN Helped Me Become a Better Agent

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Brooke Wolford

Brooke Wolford

By Brooke Wolford

I recently chatted with John DiBiase, NAR’s Government Affairs communications director.  We got into a discussion about YPN and how it changed my career.  I though it’s a valid story to share.

When I first obtained my license, I began working in a large office. I started out by assisting a fellow agent. Within a month of me having my license, the agent I worked for business went downhill.  My hopes of being able to learn from a veteran agent were gone.  Besides that, the office I worked in was so large, that I got lost in the shuffle. I began to realize that this office was not the best place for me.

I ended up moving to a new company. I love the company and the technology tools it had. While I loved my new company, I still felt like I was missing something. I couldn’t seem to get on track and get my business going.  I began to research ways to launch my business and I soon ran into the YPN website.

I couldn’t believe the information I found.  I would read blogs in complete amazement of what other agents were doing. Some if the things I learned I had never even heard of before. I went on overload a bit.  But I have to say, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

I have been able to grow as an agent.  My business has improved tremendously.  Some people may say that I know what I am doing now.  Outside growing my business, I have also become more involved with my industry at-large. Not to mention being able to connect with people at NAR like John who I have been able to get advice from and be able to voice my opinion to.

So if you ever had any doubts about YPN, I am a perfect example of why it works. I am not paid by NAR or YPN to say this; it’s the truth.  If I hadn’t found YPN when I did, I can’t say that I would still be in the business.

Brooke Wolford is a real estate practitioner with Edina Realty, Hastings, Minn.  Follow her blog at adventuresinrookierealestate.com.

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Comments 2

  1. I love to read other agent’s blogs, here and on Active Rain. It can be a bit of a time spender…I usually read for over an hour or more. You can sure get a lot of great information about real estate, either locally or national. Glad too that you made a brokerage switch to a company where you felt more at ease and able to perhaps learn more from. I worked at a small brokerage for a while and it was the best thing for me.

  2. I too had a hard time with a large company when I first started. Granted, I am still very new to the industry, but I have recently switched to a smaller Broker with a company that is just as well known and already feel a huge difference. I have learned more in the 2 weeks here than I did in 2 months over there.

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