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Community Platform Will Connect YPN

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Scott Newman

Scott Newman

By Scott Newman

At a recent Chicago Association of REALTORS® YPN Board meeting, YPN Manager Rob Reuter presented to us a beta-test version of NAR’s new YPN Community platform – an interactive and searchable system of registered YPN member profiles. I wanted to share the exciting details with you so you can get the word out and make this a success!

With so much buzz surrounding the explosion of YPN on a national level, it is imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure this system is as robust, detailed, and accurate as possible to maximize its integration by agents across the country.

YPN Community The first and most obvious benefit of the Community system will be its ability to quickly and effectively sort through agent profiles to help you refer business to the right person.  Need a short sale expert in Chicago with proven experience?  The system will allow you to breakdown agents by numerous aspects of their expertise and experience so you know your client will be treated right!

The second benefit of the system is the collaboration that occurs when some of the best and the brightest in our industry have the opportunity to belong to a place where they can meet up and share their ideas.  While our business is competitive, it is obvious that our generation understands the value of collaboration and forming partnerships with those who may very well be our biggest competition.  There is something new to learn every day in this business, and by being able to check-in on-demand with what is going on with YPN groups and members around the country, we have a 24-7/365 place to go for motivation and inspiration.

Lastly, by migrating to our own independent platform and being present on the site part of our daily routine, we are leveraging the strength of our numbers.  There may very well be issues out there that we don’t even know we’re passionate about, yet to want to affect positive change on.  By having a place where all voices can be heard, we are afforded the opportunity to be kept on the front lines of the latest information, laws, rules changes, etc., which benefits everyone’s mutual best interests as an industry.

The YPN Community platform will be an amazing place to work with referrals, collaborate, and leverage the power of the size of our network. It is definitely worth a coveted spot as a button on your bookmarks.  I hope to see you there soon! And who knows, I just may have a referral for you!

Scott Newman is the broker-owner of Newman Realty in Chicago. Connect with Scott at www.newmanrealtyillinois.com or www.facebook.com/NewmanRealty.

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Comments 4

  1. Does this mean if we comment on a Blog post like this one we will actually be alerted via Email is someone else comments, similar to Disqus or Facebook?

    If so I am sure you will get a lot more active discussions and comments for these Blogs because the way it has worked in the past is you don’t know if someone comments on your comment so it kind of ends the conversation. It was not very social.

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  3. Very cool. I agree with Bryn too that having the ability to get an email from the blog we’ve commented on has more comments. This would definitely create more of a dialogue between agents. Glad to hear of the awesome changes coming.

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