3 Easy Ways to Build Lasting Client Relationships

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Brandon Doyle

Brandon Doyle

By Brandon Doyle

When you are pioneering your own real estate business, it’s tempting to get completely wrapped up in the myriad managerial and administrative daily duties. But the foundation of all successful real estate ventures is built upon relationships with people, not just in executing a series of transactions. A personal touch is more than an effective way to keep clients happy and open-minded, it’s also a surefire method to build your referral base.

Keep in mind the following three tips that can transform your connection to clients from run-of-the-mill business transaction to a meaningful and professional relationship that serves you both.

1. Write 5 Handwritten Notes a Day

This may seem like an obvious move, but you’d be surprised at how few real estate professionals bother to keep in touch with past clients after their transaction is complete. Handwritten notes are efficient and effective relationship builders. Checking in with a thoughtful and personally-written note every now and again could lead to repeat business in the future, an opportunity for a referral, or—at the very least—the potential for networking down the line. If you write just five a day, it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour, but you stand to gain a sizable amount of business.

2. The Business Breakfast

@cheriedurbin, 2016. Morguefile.com.

@cheriedurbin, 2016. Morguefile.com.

Aside from the bonus benefit of getting you dressed and ready to go early in the morning, a business breakfast is a distinct and effectual way to continue to build relationships with former, existing, and potential clients. Since both of you are on your way to work, discussing business isn’t out of context and provides an organic connection. Similarly, the breakfast setting is casual and naturally lends a sense of communality that is sure to deepen your relationship with the client. And, by the time you get to the office, you’ll have already advanced your business while enjoying your morning coffee.

3. Use Social Media as More Than a Marketing Gimmick

Social media is a powerful tool for anyone building a real estate business. But try and imagine using social media as a means of personal connection, not simply a portal in which your only goal is to market. Just 15 to 30 minutes of mindful social media use a day may lead to a notable uptick in your business. Imagine Facebook, or your social media portal of choice, as a real life coffee shop that you frequent. You don’t walk in every morning with a megaphone and sign-up sheet, proclaiming your business acumen, do you? Instead, you engage with people on a genuine and personal level. Apply that same principle to your Facebook interactions and you may be surprised at the warm response you receive and the point of connection you have created.

The bottom line is this: In the real estate industry, people are at the heart of what we do. So, it makes perfect sense to prioritize your client relationships. Take to heart these three methods as a means of growing your real estate business, so that you can build a professional reputation that attracts good, steady clients for years to come.

Brandon Doyle, ABR, e-PRO, is a second-generation real estate pro with RE/MAX Results in the Twin Cities. He is also coauthor of the book M3Mindset, Methods & Metrics: Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent available now on Amazon. Learn more about Brandon at www.doylerealestateteam.com.


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