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Is Your Customer Service Best for You or Your Clients?

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David Krichmar

By David Krichmar

Is your customer service best for you or your clients? Think about that question for a moment. Obviously, great customer service is not what is easiest for you.  In most situations, it is about going above and beyond. Maybe even inconveniencing you.

I recently read a great article by Rebekah Radice, “The Simple Truth Behind Customer Service,” and the comments that people left got me thinking: Your customer service should be what the client expects, not what is easiest for you. So here are my random thoughts on providing great customer service:

  1. Everyone wants attention now!! We all do.  When we have a question, we want an answer.  So when possible, answer NOW!!!  Whether it be by phone, email, text, or smoke signals.
  2. “I return all phone calls after 5 p.m.” HUH????  Cell phones: They are amazing because you can actually leave the office/land-line and still have a conversation.
  3. “I return emails by the end of the business day.” What does that mean? To me it says emails are not important. By now you should have a phone that has email coming to you so you can return them immediately.

One of my simplest goals has always been to answer as fast as possible.  Whether it be by email, phone, text, etc.  It blows clients away and they appreciate it.  I can honestly say I have gotten business because of quick response time.  In fact, you probably all have gotten a client because their last salesperson/loan officer/REALTOR®  never called them back, etc.

I’m not saying that you should always drop everything to answer an email.  That can be bad customer service to the client you are with at the time.  Or if the phone call comes during time with your family – having a professional/personal life balance is important.  But telling a client that you will communicate with them when it works for you, is not GREAT customer service.

If you have any examples of bad customer service or great customer service, please leave a comment.

David Krichmar has been in the real estate business since age 19 and is currently a mortgage expert in Sugar Land, Texas. Connect with him at www.daveyourmortgageguy.com or @DaveMortgageGuy.

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