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Mobile Real Estate Apps Are Here to Stay

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By Jason O’Neil I do not believe that mobile is the future of online real estate search. Why you ask? Because mobile is online real estate search and consumers have already been conditioned to get the information they want from their smartphone. With the popularity of real estate apps and searches, it’s difficult to make an argument that the mobile …

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Is Your Customer Service Best for You or Your Clients?

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By David Krichmar Is your customer service best for you or your clients? Think about that question for a moment. Obviously, great customer service is not what is easiest for you.  In most situations, it is about going above and beyond. Maybe even inconveniencing you. I recently read a great article by Rebekah Radice, “The Simple Truth Behind Customer Service,” …

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Show Me Your Barcode!

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 6 Comments

By Jonathan Osman When you think of a barcode, you are no doubt thinking of the UPC labels that exist on the back of EVERYTHING.  The lines on a barcode correspond with a database that delivers information on the item scanned.  The technology is so tried and true that it can now be adapted for an untold number of uses …

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Adventures in Android Land

Blog Contributor Technology & Social Media 2 Comments

By Stefanie Hahn I just upgraded.  After pouring over the research… visiting the phones (four times, but who’s counting?), working to get the best deal, and waiting until the price dropped to where I wanted;  I did it!  Friends and co-workers cheered that I finally moved out of research-mode and into go-mode. I love my new HTC Hero and all …